Going to a munch night with my Sir

The first BDSM munch meeting.
In the short period that I am Starmaster's 'little girl' we had some very special moments.
Now was the time Sir would take me to a munch meeting for the first time. 

Of course I was very proud that Sir would take me there, but as the day apporoached I got more and more nervous.
We met somewhere along the route, so we could travel together; it gave me a good feeling to do that and it eased the tension a bit.
As I came from a totally different occasion I wasn't dressed properly for the evening. We agree that changing clothes in the parking lodge would be the most convenient. (I disn't wore panties in the first place, for Sir doens'nt want me to wear them) In the car Sir puts me at ease. I am sitting on a towel with my legs apart and my skirt pulled up.
I have had a busy day and i tell Sir I am afraid I could be less alert for that reason. Sir promises to help me with that by smacking the inside of my thighs. Before we arrive at the munch I have received several and some of them quite fierce. It calms my nerves however and brings me deeper in submission.

As we arrive there at the munch Sir collars me and puts on my wrist cuffs. He attaches the new name tag to my collar. It's in the shape of a heart and has kim{S} engraved on one site and 'in training' on the other. The tension rises and for a moment I tease Sir by suggesting to go back home again. i don't mean it of course but the erves are getting th better of me.
The moment we enter I feel - after meeting the rest of the people - at ease soon. As usual I feel safe and secure when Sir is around.
The people there are very kind and I am glad there is time to chat with some of them. Up untill a few days ago I had stated I didn't want to play on the first night there; now I was glad I had changed that decison.
Becaiuse things were so relaxed there I knew I really wanted to play with Sir. Sir didn't allow me to exchange points with the flogger, but he promised to use it to warm me.
It was great to feel the hand, the belt and the cane and it nearly brought me in subspace. The Sir reminds me of something he stated earlier that week: that my pubic hair would grow faster if cold water was used on that area. He has icecubes and lets them melt on his body.

The day has been exhausting and standing attached to the cross wears me out quickly. Sir lets me lie on a couch and uses the big flogger again on my back and buttocks, gentle and sweet at times, but sometimes heavy and fierce. In the second series I float away in subspace. Just away; being in my own world.
I feel great and relaxed when I get back, we have a drink and a chat at the bar (I am okay with sitting there totally naked) and already it is time to say goodbye.

On the way back we talk about this great evening; all the way back to where my car is parked. Arrived there e talk some more and kiss goodbye before going our own way back homen.
Realizing big steps have been taken again and I am so proud for having been there with my Sir.
Thank you Sir for taking me there.

The cane, part 1

In the past I had a really bad experience with the cane, that lead to a big fear to the cane.
I have talked about this with my Sir and together we went searching for a solution. My Sir will help me to overcome my fear and make sure that I can regard it as something that is part of a normal session. This way the fear for the cane will diasppear in time.
Sir has promised me to be carefull about it and to look for various ways to achieve this goal. It takes time to build up confidence regarding the cane.

As a start Sir took me to a shop and as a first step it ws me that bought a new nice thin cane (Indonesian rotan) This was the first step to overcome.
Then I asked Sir to use it during the session that day. He didn't use it much and not with great force, but I really want to overcome this fear.
I will ask him to use it in each session, no matter how big my fear is. 

I will keep you posted on the progress on me overcoming the fear for the cane. 

The penal system

Sir has developed a penal system that I think is great. Gathering points is not only by doing bad things or making mistakes. Sometimes when I want to cum twice a day, Sir says: "Okay give me 5 points and you may." Sir has a list with rules we agreed upon and how many points I get for breaking that rule. I could get a point for certain mistakes I make with grammar, but also for instance 5 points for wearing panties without permission.

At each session I can negotiate about the number of points that are paid. I can do that during the session but I can also make suggesttions upfront. Negotioating means that I am lying on the floor naked and do a sugestion on how many points with what item and on what part of the body. I can also doing suggestion to trade in points for other things like peeing in public.

He will not accept paying off points with the flogger as I like the flogger too much. Reason for this system is not just the fun of paying of my debts but I am also supposed to learn from it.

Sometimes Sir lets me choose with what instruments points will be payed; most of the times he has however decided upfront it is either belt or hands. In the future it might be the cane. It's the way that Sir has thought out this system that makes me like it.
It is a penal system but the negotioations as well as paying off debths is fun most of the times.


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