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As it clear that this D/s relation is more than just an overnight fling I think it is time that kim has her own blog here where she can write about her own experiences and other things she wants to tell.

She writes the articles here and I (Starmaster) will not change anything on the content.

It is her story about our D/s and how she experiences it to be sub with me as her Master.

A peculiar Master, whom even doesn't want to be adressed as Master and sometimes has strange ideas about how things should happen in BDSM. Bit by bit kim finds out how I like things to be done and she likes it that way.

This introductio to her blog is the first and last part I write on this section of the site; I just do the translation. From this point forward kim is talking. kim the most obedient sub in Holland who has the guts to be a bad girl from time to time.


When Sir told me that I would get my own weblog on his site, I fellt all warm inside. This means a lot to me. It is a great honour and I am very proud that I am allowed to write here about all I expierence in this D/s.

Today the 17th August (almost two months after the first day we actually met) is the day ........ I start my own weblog. There will be a comment here on each day that I have met with Sir. This way you can read and experience some of what I felt and experienced that day.

Thank you Sir for giving me my own weblog, but also for the trust you put into me.

Your little girl kim{S}

StarmasterX |