Training of a sub is an important part of BDSM. Whether it is to totally train a sub from scratch or just to improve one or two items or a specific behaviour, it is a nice thing to do and it will deepen and strengthen a D/s relationship.

Sometimes it is just done as part of a session just to bring some diversity; it's fun; at least I think so.

This is written based upon my personal experiences on: training, coaching and influensing behaviour (both within and outside BDSM) and literature, documentaries and films.

Is this the only way training can be done? Hell no!
Is it the best way to perform training? Maybe not.

It is my way and my method to perform things. Use any part of it or don't use it at all. If you do disagree on my method however or want to make suggestions on it, drop me an e-mail through contact or start a discussion in the forum.

Take care and have fun 

StarmasterX |