BDSM slave training


1.      Introduction

In this article we look at some basics of the theory on slave training. This is not a complete training-manual but an explanation on some of the basic principles with examples; only to provide some insight in the matter. As usual there are many ways that lead to Rome and there is not the one and only method for successful training. Everybody does it its own way, adapted to his specific situation and I believe that this is the best method after all.

Who can benefit from this article?
First of all it is meant for Dominants who are thinking about training or educating their sub. This article is not deep enough into the matter to be sufficient for the pro trainer. I welcome the fact that more and more Dominants (non-pro) try to train their subs by themselves. It is possible to do, it will cost less and it is fun. On top of that it is mostly a good experience for both Dom and sub and it tends to deepen and strengthen their relationship as well.

But even for the Dom that decides to hand over the training to a pro trainer this could be a good article to read. It is handy to sustain and support the things a sub learned in training and a lot of things are easier to comprehend if you have some knowledge of your own.

Finally it is meant for subs that are in training or are about to go in training. It will clarify the purpose of certain rules and exercises. ‘Cleaning with meaning’ is an important principle in this matter: most people will be willing to obey rules once they know and agree on functions and purposes of these rules.

What is training and what is its purpose?
A sub will be more valuable for her Dom if she improves on certain matters, but especially when she behaves in a way her Dom sees as ideal. Every sub (from her nature) wants to please her Dom but doesn’t always know the right behaviour or how to accomplish the ideal behaviour. It is the Dom’s task to take her there.
Teaching, developing and letting the sub grow is an important task of a Dom, in my opinion. It is in his own interest (the sub will be able to serve him better) on the other side it is in the sub’s interest as well, she has a right on exploration.
Training is foremost the teaching and reinforcement of good behaviour and to avoid or decrease bad behaviour. (Good and bad in the eyes of the beholder) It is achieved by way of correction and reward and by building an association between behaviour on one side and correction and reward on the other side; also referred to as: conditioning.

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