Whipped Ass: “I do not trust my step mom”           

Mark is a wealthy man who lost his wife several years ago and is now in a new relationship with Tammy (Jade Marxxx or Sabrina Fox) who is considerably younger. His daughter Carol (Devaun or Madison Young) disapproves of this relationship because she states that Tammy is only after her father's money. Why else would a young woman be in a relationship with a man of over 60 years old. What she doesn't know is that Tammy is a true submissive and loves to be dominated by Mark and his male and female friends.

One day Carol follows Tammy as she goes out to prove that she is cheating. Tammy enters a small shop and Carol waits outside. After 30 minutes she decides to have a peek in this shop. It is a BDSM store and as she looks around between the whips, nipple clamps and leather outfits, she sees mo glimpse of Tammy.

The smell of leather suddenly makes her very horny, and she would like to touch her pussy. A dominatrix sneaks up to her and says: "Would you like to try something on, or would you prefer a sample of one of the whips." She turns all read and shy and stammers: "No, no I am just looking for my mother. Ah, stepmother I mean. I saw her going in half an hour, but do not see her in here." As the words leave her mouth she looks to the ground and presses her legs together. This dominant woman makes her feel all going weak and the cunt juices really are starting to flow now.

"She must have a private meeting then, if you go through that door you will find her." As Carol hesitates she says: "Go on then, you cannot stay here in my shop, not buying anything and wetting my carpet." As the dominatrix pushes her towards the door, she feels an orgasm coming up and she starts to breath heavily. Carol is very glad as the door closes behind her. "Finally alone" she thinks and she immediately sticks her hand in her panties.

She finds herself in a dark corridor and she wants to turn around, but there is no handle on that side of the door. She recognizes Tammy's clothes and underwear on the floor, and picks up Tammy panties. They are completely soaked and the smell of it makes her put her hand between her legs again. "Oh my god what is happening to me", she moans. Then the door on the other end of the corridor opens and there stands another dominatrix, and she is obviously pissed off. "Are you staying there with your hand in your panties or are you entering my holy cave?" As Carol slowly gets her hand out of her panties she says: "I am not sure."

"I see you’re having trouble answering simple questions, just as the bitch inside here. Now hurry up before I start using a whip on you. And you can leave those panties right where they are." Carol starts to get in with her panties on her ankles. As she walks in the room she sees Tammy in some leather garment hanging with her legs widely spread, clamps on her nipples and a vibrator on her cunt she is breathing heavily and on the edge of cumming.

The mistress pulls Carol by the hair and directs her into a chair opposite Tammy. "You wanted to know what this bitch is doing now you can sit and watch it. Your father ordered me to give her a good training so that she will be a more obedient cunt for him." As she turns to Tammy: "And you my dear, don't you fucking dare to cum, or I'll beat the crap out of you. Now watch your stepdaughter as she will pull up her skirt for you and play with her filthy cunt. If either one of you bitches has an orgasm without permission, I will use the bullwhip." "Please mistress can I have an orgasm", Carol begs, "I can't control it any longer." "No, but if you want to I can hurt your tits and nipples to take your mind of it." As she slaps her tits and pulls her nipples she moans and breathes heavily.

"Let this bitch stop making these noises, it will be her fault if I cum", Tammy says. "Ok", the mistress says, "You can count back slowly from 25 and then you'll both have your orgasm at the same time." After the big screaming double orgasm she lets them kiss and taste each others cunt juices. She then puts two chairs opposite one another. She puts nipple pumps on both girls and tells the girls to deep throat each other with dildos. Both girls give up a lot of spit, which they have to use as a lube for getting into each others cunt and asses. Then the mistress takes over and starts slapping Tammy in the face. She is ordered to pull the pumps of her nipples. Then twine is attached around her nipples. Tammy's nipples are attached to the right big toe of Carol and vice versa. While the girls sit down they have to keep their right leg up in order not to hurt each other.

The mistress however uses a single tail whip on the girls and tells them to stick fingers in their cunt. As the girls come again they pull heavily on each others nipples. Than the girls have to fuck each other with a strap on and make the mistress cum.

Starmaster, 21 may 2008

PS The ending on both stories is rather abrupt. This is because they were initially written as an idea for a shoot. The next one will have a proper ending.




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