Sex and Submission: Maid is spilling drink on the guest      Posted 21-05

Mary (Jade Marxxx) is married as well as submissive to John (Steve Holmes). John has a visit of an important business associate, Mr. James Harper. (Mark Davis) He wants to show off with Mary and dresses her up in a short skirt, a latex top with her tits almost hanging out and extremely high heels. He tells her upfront to act out as the maid and show off her body to James Harper who she has to address as sir at all times. She has to refer as boss to him and has to agree to everything.

As soon as James has arrived he compliments John with his maid and her outfit. John orders Mary to present herself, legs apart and arms behind her back. He slaps the inside of her thighs to widen up her legs further apart. The tight skirt pulls up and her panty shows. By now Mary is extremely aroused and her cunt juices are starting to run from the inside of her legs. John says: "Actually this bitch is my wife, but I prefer her as my maid. Judging by her body fluids it seems that she's extremely happy to meet you. If you like to judge or fondle her a bit, it would give pleasure to both of us."

As James feels between her legs and squeezes her tits, Mary starts to breath heavily and to moan and grunt. She is feeling her first orgasm coming already and starts to tremble. "My, my, this bitch is really happy to see me. Sorry that we have to do business first", James says, "but I expect we could have some fun with her later." "What do you think Mary?" John asks. "Yes boss, I will be available for you and sir", Mary replies. "Good girl" John says, "Now hurry up and get Mr. Harper his drink." When she arrives with the drink she stumbles on her high heels and spills part of the drink on James' pants. She says sorry and blames the high heels. Now John gets very cross with her.

"Don't you fucking blame my shoes, it’s your fault, stupid bitch" By this time he pulls her hair, and slaps her in the face several times. "Get on your knees, and clean his pants with your tongue." "James if you want to punish her as well, you go ahead". James pulls up her skirt and starts slapping her ass. Then he says: "Stick your fingers deep down your throat and gag up some spit. Then use it to clean my trousers." Meanwhile he is slapping her face and choking her, while John spanks her ass, and thighs.

James' pants are a real mess by now and he orders Mary to take them off and take his belt out of it. "Where do you want me to use the belt?" he asks Mary. Mary replies: "Please ask my boss sir, all my body parts belong to him." Saying this she smiles because she is nervous about the pain that the belt is going to inflict. This really pisses the two men off and they slap her, belt her, take her top down and her skirt up, and rip her panties of her. Needles to say they fuck and deep throat her in all kinds of positions. They take of her shoes and order her to stand on two chairs. They tie her arms up and attach them above her. Then they get the chairs further apart so that she has to spread her legs extremely. In this position they slap and belt her tits and body while their fingers enter her asshole and cunt.

"I see your bitch hasn't shaved herself" James says a bit surprised. "Oh, but I do like that", John replies, "You see if I pull her upwards by the cunt hair, it will be easier for you to slap her cunt." By this time nothing can save Mary for cumming without permission. The moment she starts the question "Please boss can I, ..argh ....gawdIf.....ohh....please", and she squirts all over James' hand. "What the fuck did I teach you about cumming without permission", John asks slapping her cunt on every word.

They untie her and make her kneel down. John puts his cock in her mouth and makes her gag. "Give up that spit and slime bitch, it is mine". As she drools all over her tits, he smears it all over her tits. Than it is James' turn to fuck her deep down the throat. "Let's see if she can hold mine in longer than yours", James says as he grabs the back of her head and counts down from thirty. Even during the countdown she is drooling heavily and John smears it into her hair. "It seems that you enjoy his cock better", John says while he slaps her in the face. "Oh no boss, I really prefer yours", Mary quickly replies. "You do not like my cock?" James says while now he slaps her face. Mart is getting really confused now and while thinking of a proper answer to get out of this mess, she creates a new one by cumming again and squirting all over the floor. The men hold her down to lick her cum off the floor.

Than they start fucking her. They use every available hole and switch places all the time. Needless to say that she is slapped, spanked while her tits and nipples are abused. Finally the two men come in her face and mouth and after she licked it all up, she sighs: "Please sir, can I again spill something on you, when you come back tomorrow?"

 Starmaster, 21 may 2009


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