Whipped Ass: “Curiosity killed the cat” 

Jane (SJC) is a girl with some experience in BDSM play. One day her neighbour Deborah (Princess Donna) asks her to baby-sit the dog. Since the dog doesn't want to leave the house for a whole day, she hands her house key over to Jane. Jane is over the moon. She knows that Deborah is into BDSM big time and that she has a cellar where she trains her slaves. As Jane enters the house, she immediately starts looking for the cellar. She unlocks the door to the cellar and slowly walks down the stairs. It is dark in there, it gives her the creeps and she is very nervous. At the bottom of the stairs she finds a light switch. As the light goes on she cannot believe her eyes.

There are hooks and chains hanging from the walls everywhere. There are several beds, and benches standing around. There is a big cross. There is a lot of rope, whips and paddles and there is a table full of vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, breast pumps and all kind of other stuff. There is also a big TV screen and a DVD player. There is a whole stack of DVD's and she picks the one with the title: "The very best of Whipped Ass" Jane knows about this site and immediately puts the DVD in the player. It starts off with a shoot from Lorelei Lee and Miss Adams. There is no interview scene. It starts off immediately with Claire Adams abusing Lorelei tits and nipples, while Lorelei is still fully dressed.

Jane is starting to feel very warm and horny. She starts to breath heavily and starts to sweat all over her body. She picks up a pair of handcuffs with a small key sticking in it. She also takes a large vibrator and sits in a large chair. As she watches the screen puts the handcuffs on the left wrist and attaches herself to a pole, close to the chair. With her free hand she pulls of her panties, and rips them while doing that. She opens up her top. `Damn`, she cannot open her bra with one hand. Why is she wearing a bra anyway, she hasn’t got very big tits. Nevertheless her boyfriend really loves them because they are fun to play with. There is a knife on a small table next to the chair. She picks it up and cuts her bra in two. The fluids are pumping fast all through her body. She feels cunt juices running down her legs. She feels sweat running from her armpits, and she gets very wet all over her body. She cannot believe what is happening to her. Never before was she aroused like this. There is no way that she is going to leave this cellar without having multiple orgasms. She knows that she will be squirting, but there is enough time left to clean up the mess before Deborah gets home.

By this time she wants to undo the handcuffs because they are hurting a bit on her skin, which is annoying her. The handcuffs do not get open as she turns the key. When she takes the key out, she notices that it is a fake key. She struggles to open them but there is no way these are going to open. "Fuck you", she says and thinks to herself that she will have an orgasm first and worry about the handcuffs later. She holds the vibrator on her clit and screams hard when she comes immediately. She squirts all over the place. It is dripping from the chair, her panties are lying in a pool of squirt, all torn up, and her skirt is soaking wet as well. Then she hears the door open and Deborah comes walking down the stairs.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing", she screams at Jane. "Messing about with my things, watching my special movies and making a real mess. You are in trouble big time my dear." "I am so sorry Deborah, but when I saw all this I couldn't help myself. If you open these handcuffs I will clean up the mess immediately." "Why should I do that bitch? You have got to understand that you are in my possession now. You are going to do whatever I tell you to and you’re going to address me as mistress. Now do you understand me cunt?" "Yes mistress", Jane says. Deborah tells her to repeat it louder twice. Then she takes some photographs of the poor girl. "You can earn these back if you are a good and obedient slut. If not I will make copies for your family and work." "I will do whatever you tell me to mistress".

"How long are you down here, my little slave"? "I am not sure, maybe a couple of minutes." "You fucking liar, you are down here exactly 17 minutes. I followed your steps everyway. I know you couldn't resist my especially prepared handcuffs. Now 17 happens to be my lucky number. Everything I will do to you today will happen 17 times. If it is more or less than 17 you will note that and inform me or you'll get an extra punishment." She starts slapping the poor girls face. "Oh fuck", Jane thinks, "This was a setup and now I will have to pay the prize." In the meantime she tries to focus on the number of times she is slapped in the face. "Was that number 18 now?" She is not completely sure, but she doesn't want the extra punishment. "Sorry mistress, I think that was one to many." "I will be the judge of that. Besides smartass are you saying that your mistress can't count?" She slaps her again twice, this time very hard. Her face is al red by now. Still she doesn't mind at all. She feels great and very horny. She knows that she would cum immediately if Mistress would touch her cunt.

Mistress however focuses on her titties. She starts slapping the little titties very hard. First a few on the left, than one on the right, one on the left, three on the right. "Would she mean 17 in total or 17 on each tit? My gawd, I lost count again. It is obvious we are over 20 now, but | do not know how many on each one. I should count the total, but I completely lost track" All these thoughts are flashing through Jane’s mind as suddenly the slapping stops. She can feel her titties being very red and hot and are really glowing from pain. "Well is there nothing you want to say now?" "Thank you mistress?" she replies, as she really doesn't have a clue what the mistress would want her to say. "You stupid cow, I hit you 18 times on one tit and 19 times on the other. You were supposed to tell me, you dumb cunt." As she says this she grabs hold of a nipple stretching out her tit as far as possible and the twisting it around. Then she repeats this procedure with the other nipple and then once more with both nipples at the same time. "This is going to be your punishment for today, Blondie and I am very happy, because you are going to give me lots of opportunity for that, and that is something I really like to do to dirty little girls." "Yes mistress, thank you mistress." "Good girl, well this is the best answer you gave so far."

"What would happen if I am going to play with that cunt, now" "I suppose I would cum very fast Mistress, I am very hot and on the edge of cumming for a while now. Please will you make me cum?" "Are you a lesbian whore Jane? If I can make you cum so easily you must be a lesbian." "No Mistress I am straight, I never had real sex with a girl." "What about that filthy slut Carol then, you seem to be very fond of her and I believe she dates boys and girls." "We did fool around a bit when we were younger, but it didn't do anything for me."

"Well I am not going to let you cum now. I will not have more of that mess. Besides I have other thing to do." Then she takes a butt plug and shoves it up Jane's ass. "You are going to keep that in for the next hours. You cannot touch it, and you cannot touch yourself. You are going to put these panties on", pointing at Jane's panties still lying in a pool of cum. "Then you are going to clean up this mess, keep these clothes on and convince your friend Carol to be here with us tonight. If she is here tonight I will abuse the both of you and make you cum. If not it is going to be a very painful night for you and you will not have an orgasm. I am going to hang you by these titties, if Carol will not come over."

"Yes Mistress, I will do my best to persuade her. I really like it when people order me to do things. May I please kiss your feet?"

Several hours later Deborah gets home and finds Jane waiting for her. She looks a real mess. Her clothes are dry now but really smelly and wrinkled. As she checks out Jane's panties, they are all stained wrinkled and torn up. Jane's blouse is missing a few buttons and her cut up bra sticks through them. "You look exactly like the filthy whore you are" Deborah says as she inspects her and squeezes her body. As she goes into her panties she checks whether the butt plug is still there. "Now for the big question then: Can we expect the lovely Carol tonight?" "Yes Mistress, she promised to be here at seven." "Did you have a hard time convincing her, or was she into it immediately, the little cunt?" "She said she would come over, the minute I promised to have sex with her." "Well that's a good thing because she is the one that's going to make you cum."

At this instant Carol (Madison Young) is walking in. She freezes as she sees Deborah. "Well, well you were expecting a hot night with Jane, and didn't expect me here, did you?" Carol doesn't speak and looks to the floor. She is afraid of this woman that did horrible painful things to her in the past. On the other hand she is feeling all hot all over her body as she remembers the harsh orgasms she had, while being in suspension and whipped. "Look at me slut, while I am talking to you. I know that you came here to have sex with my new slave, and you shall have it. But we both know that I have to give you a lot of pain too in order four you to have a decent orgasm. Am I right or not?" "Yes Mistress" Carol whispers as she feels the shivers running up and down her spine. "Speak up slut, no one can understand a word you are saying" Deborah grabs Carol by the hair and slaps her face. She rips Carol's blouse open and starts to pull and twist Carol's nipples. Then she drags Carol around the room until she stops her right in front of Jane. Their faces are so close together that they can feel each other breathe and their nipples are just not touching. "Now get on your knees Carol, and smell this bitch that you want to fuck with." While the mistress holds her head down she sniffs on Jane's feet slowly working up to her pussy.

"Does she smell nice", the Mistress asks. "She smells awful, but at the same time really horny." By this time Jane is so close on the edge of cumming that her cunt juices are running down her legs. The Mistress slaps the inside of Jane's thighs ordering to get her legs apart wider. As she has her legs spread as far as she possible can, the Mistress orders Carol to stick her nose inside Jane's panties to sniff her cunt. She orders Jane to rip her panties of by pulling them up. While the panties make a ripping sound, they are still holding up. The Mistress starts to paddle Jane's ass, screaming that she has to pull up her panties as high as her titties. "That's what a decent girl does when somebody wants to fuck her. They protect themselves by pulling their panties up." At last the panties give in. With her legs wide apart and her cunt available she starts breathing heavily. "Don't you fucking cum without permission. You fight it now. And you Carol, get your nose inside her cunt and sniff it from the inside." By this time Jane starts to breathe even more heavily, starts grunting and moaning, and her legs start to tremble. "Please, please Mistress, let me cum, oh gawd, oh fuck, I cannot hold it any longer." "Count back from twenty and you may cum. And you Carol keep rubbing your nose against her clit. You are going to get all her cum in your face." Jane has great trouble focusing on the countdown. "Seven, oh fuck, seventeen, six, six, oh gawd sixteen", at last the final numbers arrive, "oh my gawd thrrreeee, oh fuck, tttttwooo....." She screams out a one that last for a minute. A large spray of squirt is ripped from her body, covering Carol who grasps for air. As it finally stops still dripping from her cunt, she says with a big sigh: "Maybe I am a lesbian after all, because this is the best orgasm I ever had."

Carol stands up, her face and hair all soaking wet. "You girls use your tongues to clean each other up while I make preparations for the grand finale." She brings in a bed on which Jane is stretched. Carol has her nipples pumped up. After 15 minutes she is ordered to pull the tubes off, without letting the air in. Carol knows that this is painful, and she cannot fulfil the task. Than Deborah tells her to go over to Jane and pull her nipples as hard as she can, thus motivating Jane to rip off the cylinders. Both girls scream in pain and agony, but succeed at last. "Good girls', Deborah praises them, while giving them long and wet kisses. Carol nipples are sticking out as they were tits on their own. Deborah puts twine around them pulls it very tight. The two pieces of twine are tied together. Carol doesn't have an idea what is going to happen with that, but she is sure that it is going to be painful. Then again she knows that she will have great orgasms when her nipples are pulled and abused very hard. "This, my dear", pointing to the thread of twine, "will be a game console that I give to Jane with which she can control you. So now you know that she is going to hurt you, pick yourself a nice strap on to fuck her with and a big dildo to deep throats her mouth."

Carol goes for the biggest items she can find. As soon as she enters Jane's cunt with the strap on, Deborah orders Jane to lift her head as far as possible. She then attaches the twine to Jane's head. "As she is about to come, she is going to move her head, which might be painful for you but pleasant for me to watch. Because you might be here to gain some pleasure yourself, but in the first instance you are here to amuse me. You may fuck as long as you want, but you cannot stop until both of you had a good orgasm. And all this time I will be walking around you using the single tail whip on your bodies. After 15 minutes of hot sex, the girls are all bruised up and covered with marks. They are ordering each other to have an orgasm. "Come on you fucking whore, start squirting", Carol says as she is pounding the strap on in Jane's cunt. "You start cumming yourself bitch. It hurts so I want you to fucking come," Jane replies. "You better pull my nipples harder then, you lazy bitch". This goes on for another ten minutes and then suddenly Carol starts to moan. Deborah stops whipping and jumps on the bed. She spreads her legs and starts to rub her clit. "Jane, you fucking slave bitch, start counting down from twenty-five and we all cum together." It seems to take Jane an hour to reach number one, but the triple explosion is awesome. Deborah squirts all over the other two girls. She then sinks down on her knees slowly like an animal that has just been shot, and falls over on top of the two girls.

"Do you need me to look after your dog again tomorrow, Mistress? I am sure Carol will volunteer to help me."


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Starmaster, 21 may 2008

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