Sex and Submission: Never ask daddy for advice

(dedicated to slave-one1138)

Carl (Mark Davis) has a very big house. Part of this house is rented out to his son Jim and Jim’s girlfriend Claire (Devaun). Jim thinks that they do have a great relationship, although he would like the sex to be a bit more outstanding. Claire finds the sex really boring, but is to shy to tell Jim about her dirty fantasies. The action starts on an afternoon where Carl and Claire having a glass of wine, while Jim is out of the house.

“Well Claire, how are things. Are you thinking about marrying Jim? I mean you guys are together now for almost a year.” Carl is just trying to make conversation. Claire a bit dizzy from the wine feels that it is about time to be a bit more open on certain aspects. “Well I don’t know. Your son is really a great guy to be with but a bit of a wimp in the bedroom. He could be suggesting some more, let’s say firm ideas.”

Carl says that he doesn't understand what she means by that and proposes to watch examples of some of the kink dot com sites to find out exactly how far her fantasies reach. Claire gets all aroused. She has seen some of the stuff on Kink before, and she knows it can have a great effect on her body. “Erm, kink dot com you said? I never heard of that before. OK, let’s find out.” This bitch is lying through her teeth, but hey can she admit to this man, the kind of slut she really is.

Carl opts for the shoot of Mark Davis and Sabrina Fox on S&S. He skips the initial interview. At first the shoot is just hot talk and no action. But in anticipation she feels that she is getting wet already and her nipples are sticking through her dress. As she keeps looking to the screen she feels that Carl is watching her. “He must have seen my nipples react. I can not hide my feelings much longer.” Part of her wants to ask Carl to stop this shoot, before she exposes herself too much. Part of her however is already so horny, that it screams out for more. 

When the get to the part where Mark Davis orders Sabrina to hold a glass of wine between her knees, while he fondles and slaps her, Claire melts away completely. “Yes, yes, that is exactly what I like. Come on grab her harder,” she comments on the video. She has completely forgotten about Carl. He however has stepped up to her, grabs her by her long hair and pulls her out of the seat. “You dirty, naughty bitch, I know what you like and you will have it.” On every word he slaps her in the face.

“Now get out of this dress. Your nipples are peeking through anyway. I could abuse them before you take of your dress.” He grabs her nipples firmly and drags her around the room by them. Every few steps he stops her, lifts her tits and twists the nipple around, saying: “Kiss me you horny bitch.” Every last part of resistance disappears from her body, together with the fluids that are running from the inside of her legs. She doesn’t care who is handling her, as long as somebody is. After repeating the procedure several times, Carl orders her to undress.

Now she does feel a bit ashamed realizing this is her future father-in-law. How is she ever going to explain this to Jim. She is standing there completely helpless, her panties dripping wet, her legs pressed together, and her arms covering her breast. “Get you arms behind your back and stick those tits out. I believe they are mine and I can do whatever I want to with them. Am I right?” “Yes sir, I completely belong to you know.” There is no way he can resist him, or her own filthy thoughts, for that matter. He starts to slap her tits and then orders her to take of her panties, dry her cunt with it, outside as well as inside and then put the soaked panties in her mouth.

“Get those legs wide apart. Apparently Jim doesn’t want to play with you the way you like it, so I will play now the way I like it.” He grabs between her legs and feels that she is on the edge of cumming. He sits down and tells her to sit down on his knee, with his face to her. “Now ride my upper leg, with your arms behind your back. To prevent you from cumming, I will let you focus on other body parts.” He slaps her face and tits, twist her nipples and skin, and pull her cunthair.” It does hurt really bad and does take her mind off her close orgasm. The constant rubbing of her clit against Carl’s skin however is driving her crazy, and she chokes on the panties as she lets go. This certainly is the best orgasm she ever had.

Then Carl thinks it is his turn. He orders her on her knees with her hands behind her back. “Open your mouth and keep it open. Stick out that tongue and lick my balls.” He drives his cock deep down her throat. She chokes and drools all over her body and on the floor. Carl takes a large glass bowl and collects her spit and slime. Then he releases all his sperm at the back of her throat. She gags very hard and as he pulls out his cock she coughs nothing but, spit, slime and sperm in the bowl.

“Now you can put on your panties, take the bowl with you and go over to your bedroom and wait there. Jim will be home in about five minutes and when he does you will tell him what you have done and drink all what is in the bowl.”

As Jim opens the door of the bedroom he doesn’t know what to think. His father told him that there would be a big surprise waiting for him. “What the fuck have you done?” She gets of the bed and says: “Hi honey, your dad and I had some fun together. He taught me some lessons to improve our sexlife. He wanted me to wait for you to come home and watch me drink this. It is everything I gave up for him and what he gave up for me.” Then she drinks it all up and licks the bowl clean. Jim is completely flabbergasted. After some time he realizes what happened and he slaps her across the face very hard, saying: “You filthy whore. You had sex with my dad. I’ll teach you a few lessons. As he slaps her more, she sinks down on her knees, crying: “Yes, please, please give me more.”  


Starmaster,  23 May 2008. This story is dedicated to my dear friend, known as Kink member slave-one1138 and on this site also referred to as Leia.

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