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Leia (Michelle Brown) is 19 years old and is a cute girl. She’s quite popular with the other girls and has been a cheerleader for 4 years now. At the age of 15 she was already a hot looking girl, but she had been brought up in a very strict catholic family. Ever since she turned 16 there were guys making eyes at her and trying to fool around a bit.
She never went any further than kissing and didn’t want any guy to fondle a bit or even touch her behind. After a few years the guys just gave up on her. They didn’t want to date a girl that probably wouldn’t allow for any kind of sex before marriage. In the beginning this wasn’t so bad because she really liked hanging out with her friends.
But all of them were dating now and most of them had steady relationships and she was getting lonely and more to herself.

In fact she was very happy that Nicole (Jade Indica) had broke up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and was seeking comfort with Leia. Leia was still living at her parents’ house so when Nicole suggested that they would have a nice comfortable evening together, she suggested to do this at Nicole’s apartment.
Nicole had a small flat together with another friend, but this girl was over at her friend’s house.
“I do not expect her back at all”, Nicole said as she opened the door on Leia, “These two are just dating for a week now so I’ll expect her to stay over for a night of hot and steaming sex. Wow, does this girl like to fuck. She was so fucking horny when she left this afternoon.”
Leia didn’t know what to say and she blushed. She didn’t like the subject of sex being brought up and certainly not this direct.
“Well girl, don’t act shy”, Nicole said, “I mean, you’re a cheerleader; I’ve seen these big black hunks in the basketball team; my gawd, would I have liked a night out with those hunks.”

Nicole had made the place really romantic that evening. The light was dimmed to the minimum and there were candles burning everywhere. Most of these candles were giving of a certain aroma so there was a sweet and warm atmosphere. Leia felt that she got in the mood of playing with herself.
She wasn’t in that mood very often because her parents told her it was really bad for a girl to touch her private parts. Sex was for having children and not to amuse one self.
Come to think of it, it was Nicole that had convinced her it was ok to enjoy sex and bring yourself to an orgasm. Strange thoughts are passing Leia’s mind; the atmosphere and all this talk about sex. She pressed her legs together and she could feel she was already wetting her panties.
“I will pour you another glass of wine and then you must tell me about your sexual escapades with these guys”, Nicole said, “Ever tried it out with more of them at the same time?”

Leia opens up her mouth to talk but there is no sound. She feels totally hot and sweaty all of a sudden and her throat is as dry as sand. What can she tell; what is Nicole thinking of her? She remembers having seen pictures of girls having a cock up the ass and at the same time one in their mouth. She has been over all her dad’s magazines.
There are even the ones with girls kissing each other between the legs. She knows that it would be really odd not to respond right now. She takes the glass and drinks half of it at once.
Then Leia suddenly starts thinking out loud: “Well this wine isn’t really helping. I am feeling so hot; well to tell you the truth I never had sex with anyone.”
Nicole is really surprised: “You mean to say that nobody ever played with that beautiful body of yours? Surely you must have had orgasms?” 

Leia tries to explain herself, but feels that there is no escape here. Besides, it is getting very warm and moist between her legs and she presses them together so hard that all the blood is disappearing from her knees. She knows that her nipples grow very hard when she gets aroused and she is sure they are sticking right through her dress.
She doesn’t dare to look however.
“Well nobody touched me before; since you told me it is ok to play with myself I have had orgasms – I think – and I am doing this a lot of times now; but I am feeling really guilty about that as well. On the other hand, I dream of having sex with a guy all the time.”

“Well my girl”, Nicole says, “I think I must help you out here. Come to think of it I can do with a bit of comfort myself. So why don’t you get undressed and let me help you having a great time.”
Leia doesn’t know what to say; part of her thinks that sex between two girls is really bad; part of her thinks about the picture in her dad’s magazine and wants to stick a hand in her panties.
“Ok”, she says, “Let’s do it then; but please be gentle with me I never done this before.”
“I’ll be gentle as far as the sex is concerned; for the rest I will be gentle with you if you do as you’re told. After every action you are going to thank me and you are going to do exactly as you’re told. I won’t tolerate ‘no’ as an answer and you’ll address as Madam. I will train you, you uptight bitch. Do you understand me?”
Leia has no idea what is happening here. Why is Nicole shouting at her like that? After all she is her friend?

But Nicole is talking a language that she understands very well. Like Mom and Dad are telling her all the time what to do and yes, she likes a firm hand.
“Don’t you just sit there and stare at me”, Nicole says as she slaps Leia in the face, “Do you understand me?” Leia doesn’t really know what is happening with her but replies: “Yes Madam, I’ll understand you.”
While saying this she unbuttons her dress.
Nicole grabs Leia’s hair pulls her head back and asks: “What are those sticking out of your bra?”
“Those are my breasts, Madam.”
“Oh no”, Nicole says, “They are called tits, and they are mine; I can do with them as I please, don’t you agree?” “Yes Madam, you can deal with them as it pleases you.”
Nicole continues her quest, while pulling off Leia’s bra and squeezing her tits.
“And what have you got hidden in those panties?” 

Leia wants to say vagina but she knows that’s not what Nicole wants to hear.
“It is my pussy Madam.”
She blushes as she uses that word.
“No”, Nicole bites at her, “That is called a cunt and it is mine too.”

“Yes Madam, it is your cunt.”
At this stage Leia is okay with everything. She just wants to cum, no matter what she has to do or say. She also knows that this is going to happen very fast now. She is completely naked; Nicole tells her to stand up, spread her legs, spread her cunt lips with her hands and stick fingers inside her cunt.
She makes her say all the time: “I am a dirty slut and I have tits to be abused and I have a filthy cunt and I really want to cum very bad.” 

“Oh and by the way”, Nicole says, “You cannot cum without my permission and to help you with that I have some jewellery for you.”
She clamps a chain on Leia’s nipples.
It really hurts and when Leia cries: “Fuck” she slaps her face and forbids her to swear.
“You are a decent catholic girl and so you will be punished for swearing.”  
“Yes Madam, thank you Madam.”
Nicole puts heavy weights on the chain, making the nipples twice as long and stretching the tits to the maximum. Then she orders Leia to bend over so that the weights cannot rest against her body. As Leia starts swearing she is hit in the face for every word. 

Soon Leia stops but Nicole pulls on the chain so Leia restarts. This time she slaps Leia’s pussy. Leia is not sure anymore what hurts the most; her nipples are getting numb; her face is all red and burns like hell; her pussy is stinging more with every time Nicole’s hand lands on it. She just feels pain not thinking about an orgasm at all. But it does feel good and she’s feeling really hot and sexy.
“Thank you Madam, you are so kind to me.”
Then Nicole stops slapping the girl. She puts two fingers in Leia’s pussy and squeezes Leia’s clit between thumb and index finger. Leia’s clit is so swollen up that she can really pull on it. Before Nicole as the opportunity to remind her not to cum without permission it is already there.
She cries and swears and feels contraction all over her stomach and belly. Her upper legs start to tremble heavily; she feels hot like having high fever; she sweats all over her body; and she can feel juices building up inside her that really need to burst out of her.

What is this? Does she need to pee? And then she realizes this is her first real orgasm ever. It doesn’t compare to all the other orgasms she had by her self watching dad’s dirty books. It lasts for several minutes and she sees great fireworks as she closes her eyes.

Nicole lets her have it; as the clamps are removed Leia doesn’t feel a thing; she is so happy. Nicole orders her to dress herself again and tells her that she needs to be punished for having an orgasm without permission.
“Tell me what kind of a date would you like to have?” Nicole asked.
“Well, something nice and romantic; having dinner and then maybe in the end sex.”
“I do not agree”, Nicole says, “I would want you to have real raw hot fucking sex. With guys you have never seen before; how would you like that?”
“Well”, Leia says, “That could be a fantasy but not what I would like now.”

“As your punishment for having this orgasm without permission, you are going to have this. You will go home and think about this experience day and night. You are not allowed to touch yourself. I will be checking on you and if I think you suffered enough I will arrange a date for you. On this date you are going to wear this outfit, do not open this parcel beforehand”.
She hands over a parcel to Leia.
“Now go home and be a good girl.”
“Yes Madam, thank you Madam.”

As Leia comes home she goes straight to bed. She cannot sleep; she is far too aroused; it was such a great sensation. But she is also frightened about her date; what will happen to her? Being fucked by a man she’s never seen. She’s never used the verb ‘to fuck’ before. She feels that she gets aroused again; her hands slowly sliding between her legs rubbing her panties.

“Would she dare to touch”?
The phone rings; as she picks it up, she hears Nicole: “Are you touching yourself, you filthy cunt?”
“No Madam, I wouldn’t dare.”
Nicole says: “Good girl”, and hangs up.
From that moment on Leia knows that she will not touch herself again. The following days Nicole calls regularly and Leia feels that it is going to be more difficult each day. The fourth day Nicole comes over to Leia’s place to invite her over for the evening.
“I want to discuss some of the details on your date next Saturday.”
Leia feels relieved; that’s only two more days and then she will be fucked.
“So make sure you don’t touch that filthy cunt before that,” Nicole says as she reaches under Leia’s dress and squeezes her cunt lips very hard.
“I gave him the impression that you like it rough and that you are a very experienced girl, so be prepared. See you tonight, sweetie. Oh and wear the outfit I gave you tonight as well”


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