Window cleaning, a dirty business?

Sarah slept in that morning. She took a week holidays; not that she was planning to go any ware specifically; well not in the real world anyway. She discovered a few years back that she was into BDSM and explored her submissive feelings on the net. Chatting with persons she met on fetlife and Kink mainly.
Visited a munch club during holidays abroad twice. Sitting in a corner in the dark, afraid to be recognised by anybody; for the rest she practised at home watching Kink movies. She so much wanted to meet a Dom, but she was so frightened to contact one.

She was sure there wouldn’t be living any Doms in her small hometown. Just 8,500 inhabitants and most of them from farmer’s families; people were very religious and conservative.
And her family: they were the worst of them all. Her father was a senior in their church and her mum was a well respected lady of charity. If she were to bring shame upon the two of them, she would be banned from the family surely and in such a small community you were at the tongue of gossip quite easily.

She had decided that she would stay celibate unless there would be this Dom living far, far away. This prince on a white horse that would abduct her from her home and family and gave her safe and pleasant surroundings to live at his dungeon. This man that she would serve and honour without reservations or restrictions just to see him smile at her once and a while.

Well she got out of bed reluctantly; no use daydreaming about this prince; she knew that wasn’t ever going to happen. On the other hand she had the feeling she would get a visitor today; she stopped wondering about the how and why of these predictions; she sometimes had them and they often proved to be correct.
She sleeps naked and pulls the curtains open of her bedroom. She lives on the last street of town and on the sixth floor. On this side of the building she can easily stay naked in front of the room. There are only fields there; the only living creatures that can see her are cows and even they are half a mile away.

She scratches herself all over the body. Especially her nipples are itching and from there she moves to her crotch and scratches herself there, bending her knees and opening her legs to get better access.
She stretched her body with her arms behind her head, pressing her chest out and touching the stone cold glass of the window with her nipples, that get thick and hard very fast. She pinches them hard and as she twists them she talks to herself.
“Come on silly girl, get yourself a cup of tea and a nice hot shower.”

There was a strange feeling inside her today; she had the urge to live dangerously this day. Well in the community where she lived, going to the shop in a skirt that ended 5 inches above the knee would be revolutionary; so it wouldn’t take that much here.
Tea was strong and sweet, just how she liked it. She still was naked; she liked running around like that. Pretending to be exhibitionist but in a way that nobody ever could see her. She took her time taking the hot drink to warm her up inside and playing a bit with her own body to warm her up on the outside.
Nothing as direct as going inside her pussy; just pinching nipples, stretching her pussy-lips, caressing her ass cheeks and slapping them a bit.

Slapping the inside of her thighs; starting just above the knee and moving up slowly; starting easy and going harder and harder as she went up. The ones close to her pussy left the imprints of her own hand and she loved the tinkling sensation on the red skin.
She checks her pussy and feels it is warm and moist even on the outside. She takes a deep sigh and decides it’s time for her shower now, feeling warm on the rest of her skin as well.
When she’s alone in the house (and she usually is) she likes to speak her thoughts out loud.
“Now what if this visitor comes when I am under the shower, and might not hear him ringing the bell? Hm, I could leave the door of the bathroom open and maybe the door of the shower cubicle as well. And maybe I could leave the front door unlocked; he could open by himself then. Might even be a she, but still hope it is a man.”

As she unlocks the door the sensation of danger quivers through her body. Just to imagine that there could be someone on the other side of the door, that opens and finds her all vulnerable and available …… He could grab her and throw her against the wall and take her there and then.
Hot, passionate, steamy, filthy rough sex; she feels shivers running along her spine and presses her upper legs together. A good but tense feeling in her tummy; her nipples piercing out, the skin around it with large goose bums. Her pussy is really wet by now.
“Come on silly, let’s go into the shower and massage my lusty body.”
As she spreads her pussy lips there is a drop hanging from her clit. In the light of the bathroom it looks likes a little silver ball. She remembers that this gave her the idea of her handle at kink: silver-sara.

She feels that she needs a shave there and looks for the shaving foam and razor blade. She steps into the cubicle and as she turns around she can see through the open door right across the living room into the open field. The impossible idea of a man looking through that window now sends a new tidal wave through her body.
She turns again to flush water from the shower over her pussy and foaming herself.
Never does she realise that today is the 1st Thursday in an even month and this is the day she will have her windows cleaned. How could she know, she would work on a Thursday normally.

It’s Carl’s turn to do the three higher storeys today and Bill drives the machine. Normally it’s the other way round but Carl felt really good today and his partner Bill had been drinking too late in the pub yesterday. As soon as the aerial platform goes up and he looks through Sarah’s window he doesn’t know what he sees.
“Is this a fata morgana?”
My God he’s looking right at Sarah’s back seeing her well curved bottom, bending her knees and spreading her legs. She spreads her pussy lips with one hand and holds the razor in the other.
Carl realizes that this woman has no idea of the fact that there could be a man staring at her, peeping and glaring, getting a big hard boner. One piece of him wants to wait until she turns so he can look at her front. There is no doubt in his mind that this girl looks stunning from the front as well. On the other hand the girl would then see him and that would be bad business.
His partner Bill had been arrested once on the accusation of peeping even when it wasn’t his fault.

Another event like that could make them loose this business altogether. So she should be warned. That’s what the angel on his right shoulder advises him. But the devil on the left shoulder disagrees.
“Wait till she turns looser. Can’t you see she wouldn’t mind, she’s playing with her cunt as we speak. I told you before if a woman makes herself that available to you, you don’t play Mr. Nice you grab and fuck her, that’s what she wants.”
“Hey Carl,” Bill shouts, “What’s up man, get your gear out and do your thing. It’s the last window and it’s freezing cold.”
Well the last thing Carl wants is this kind of attention. He signals to let him down. Bill does but raises his arms and shoulders demanding an explanation for this. Carl has six floors down, time to think of something.
“Sorry man but I really need to take a dump fast. I just ring inside to see if anyone is at home.” 

Bill just can’t hold his laughing.
“You need to shit? Looks like you are in need of something else though.”
He points at the bulge in Carl’s overall.
Carl just runs of into the building, all the twelve stairs and is completely exhausted as he arrives at the door of Sarah’s apartment. He takes a few minutes before catching his breath again and calm down; physically that is. Mentally is hardly calm at all.
“What to do? Ring the bell? And then what? Sorry miss I was looking through your window and I saw you standing there naked; touching your filth ….”
“This is a bad deal either way; going back to Bill and saying to forget about this window altogether; with which explanation?”

He sees the name tag by her door and his heart jumps even more.
“Sarah Martins; OMG, she was in my class in high school. I had a crush on her back then even. Never imagined her with a sexy behind like that.”
He was way too shy in high school; still is in fact. His hands rest on the door handle and the door gives way. Before he realises himself he stands in her hallway. But what if she recognises him? He gets a ski mask out of his overall and pulls it over his head and puts his sunglasses on.

He gently creeps up to the bathroom door. Sarah is still in the shower; face to the wall now using the shower to massage her clit and with the other hand spreading her pussy lips. He can hear her moan, being close to an orgasm. The hand that spreads her pussy lip is now moving to her ass cheeks and she’s about to ass fingerfuck herself.
Carl knows that he will only get one shot to fuck her and it is today. She may not want to but he will, no matter what. He’s not a muscle bundle but surely strong enough to restrain a rather fragile girl as Sarah. At least that’s how he remembers her from high school.


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