Sex and Submission: “Stealing from the boss”

Jewel (Jade Marxxx) works as a receptionist in a big car sale company. Her boss has told her several times that she has to buy some new wardrobe. It is important that she lures the customers in so she has to look sexy. Jewel has no problem with that because she likes to wear sexy outfits; it is just that she cannot afford them at this moment.
She has been out of a job for 6 months and before that she was in and out jobs that didn’t pay well. This was her big breakthrough; she asked for an advanced payment on her salary but was nearly thrown out. Her boss frightened her and she was very nervous every time she went to see him. He could be very degrading to her and when he raised his voice, you did know immediately he meant business.
At the same time he made her very nervous because she was attracted to him. He was older than her but still good looking and she liked firm and powerful men. Anyway it was important that she got hold of new clothes soon or she would loose this job. Luckily one of her friends lent her a few silk blouses and some black skirts.

The skirts were a bit short; when she wore them with her new silk white nylons that had a beautiful broidery rim she looked smashing; very sexy but still appropriate. The problem with those blouses was that you could see slightly through. It showed some of her bra that actually looked anything but sexy. The worst thing was that she saw beautiful lingerie every day.
When she walked to the bus she would pass this great gorgeous white villa. In the backyard was a washing line that had the most beautiful and sexy outfits hanging there every day. Some just to dry after being washed; some – she suspected – just to get some fresh air.
There were lingerie sets and corsets; sexy bodies in lace, leather and latex; stunning long black and red evening dresses in latex; Jewel would get horny if she just watched them. “If I would only have something like that”, she thought every day.

Today it was bright and sunny as she left work. She greeted the women who were talking in front of the white villa. They were in a heated conversation and she recognized the lady of the villa.
“If she’s so occupied”, Jewel thought, “There might be nobody watching the backyard.”
She couldn’t see anybody and slipped into the backyard. She saw a beautiful black silk as well as a stunning purple set. The purple set had a rim of white lace. Would she dare to take that stunning long red latex evening gown with the large split? Where would she hide it? She heard the front door of the villa slam and just grabbed a few things and ran. She didn’t even know what she had hiding it under her sweater. At the bus stop there were a lot of other people. She didn’t dare to look under her sweater.

The bus was crowded and she looked for a place to sit in the back. She was still holding it firmly under her dress and pressed her hand so hard that her knuckles were all white. Her heart pounded like crazy and it felt like it had jumped up to her neck. As more and more people got off the bus she relaxed a bit.
She was so anxious to see what she had nicked in the end that she finally got it from under her sweater; just peeking; the rate of her heartbeat tripling instantly. She had the black panties but not the matching bra, but she had the purple set though.
She started to breath very heavy and felt herself getting very wet between her thighs. She dropped the black panties and as she picked them up – with a red face and breathing heavily – a stranger whispered: “I would be very aroused too, if you would wear that.” Jewel startled and got off the bus and the next stop. Never before in her life had she been this embarrassed.
She’d gone off the bus three stops early and knew she hat to walk a mile now to get to her house. Her feet were killing her wearing these four inch heels and she was so confused and aroused that she could feel her juices running down her legs.

The last blocks she’s practically running home; she opens the door of her apartment and goes straight to her bedroom. She pulls all her clothes off and tries on the purple bra. Her tits were maybe a bit too big but they popped out beautifully and it made her feel so sexy. She then puts on the matching panties; they felt so soft and cool on her wet and hot – almost burning – cunt.
She turned around and saw herself in the mirror; a stunning looking sexy bitch; she arches her back to bring her tits more out and spreads her legs.
“Oh you fucking dirty thief”’, she said aloud to herself, “Stick your hand in those panties and play with that dirty filthy cunt of yours.”
She liked to talk dirty; even to herself; it made her extremely horny. Her ancient boyfriend hated that and slapped her in the face once to stop her; that motivated her even more and shortly after that he ended the relation. Now she wishes he was here to slap her again.
Just the thought off that incident was enough to do the trick. She cries out when she cums and squirts in her panties and all over her new bedspread. She falls in her own pool of cum still trembling and shaking all over her body.

The next morning she looks at herself in the mirror. She wears the short black skirt, the white nylons and the purple bra. The purple panties are lying in a corner of her bedroom. Last night she rubbed her clit with those panties and came all over them again. She couldn’t wear those so she used the black ones.
Nobody could see her panties and they felt great on her skin. She puts on a silk blouse and sees the bra shining through the blouse. This image pops her tits out even more and make her big nipples pierce right through that blouse. If that wouldn’t work on the customers she didn’t know what would. Passing the villa she sees new sets of lingerie swinging in the breeze. There is a new purple set as well.
“Okay”, she thinks, “No problem; this lady has enough sets.”
As she takes her place behind the desk, she can see her co-workers stare at her. After half an hour the boss (Mark Davis) arrives; she expects a compliment; but he just stares at her.
“I want to see you in my office in fifteen minutes”, he says, “Be punctual”.
His voice doesn’t sound nowhere near a compliment.
“Has she overdone it?”


She felt so sexy a minute ago and feels so insecure now. This man has a strange influence on her. She’s nervous and goes to the bathroom to pee. As she sits there and sees the black panties around her ankles she gets that horny feeling again.
“Oh my gawd” she thinks, “I have to control myself. I cannot stand there in his office and panty.”
She gets very warm and when she’s finished she splashes cold water in her face to cool down. Unfortunately she splashes water all over her blouse as well. Now it looks as if she’s not wearing a blouse at all. She tries to use the automatic drier on her blouse but it just seems to make it all worse. The wind from the machine makes her nipples hard and she sees that she’s just one minute left.

As she runs into the office she forgets to knock.
“Did I give you permission to enter?” he bites to her.
“No sir, eh sorry sir, I forgot to knock sir.” “Get out and do it again. You know you cannot do things without my permission.”
His determined voice makes her all weak. She knocks but hears no reply; she knocks again holding her ear against the door; she hears no reply.
She knocks a third time and he shouts: “Enter for the third time.”
The moment she enters he says: “And fucking disobedient as well. I don’t like to tell you things multiple times; do you understand me?”
“Yes sir, eh sorry sir, I didn’t hear you.”
“Well young lady, I noticed your clothes this morning. I like your outfit. It looks good on you; I always thought that you were the kind of bitch that would like to run around like that and expose your dirty body.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir”, Jewel says. Then she thinks to herself: “Did I just thank him for insulting me?”
He continues however: “The only problem is you are wearing a bra just like the one that was stolen from my house yesterday. So where the fuck did you get that lingerie? I am sure you are wearing the matching panties as well.”

“No sir, really it wasn’t me; the panties I am wearing are not matching the bra; I borrowed them from my friend along with the rest of this outfit.”
“I do not believe you”, he says, “Pull your skirt up and show me those panties then.”
“But sir, I couldn’t pull up my skirt, here in your office.”
“Well if you prefer to be fired”, he argues. “Otherwise I would advice you to spread your legs and pull up that skirt.”
“Please don’t fire me sir”, Jewel says, “I’ll be a good girl and do as I’m told.”
She feels that she’s getting really horny again and really wants to pull up her skirt for him. She even moves her hips and pushes her cunt forward.
“Would you like me to turn for you as well, sir; I’d be happy to please you.”

He opens the backdoor of the office and lets a woman (Harmony Rose) in. Jewel recognizes the lady of the white villa immediately.
“Meet my wife, Rose”, he says, “Honey can you check if these are your belongings.”
Rose says that she has to feel them to make sure. She goes over to Jewel, grabs her long hair and pulls her head back. She slaps the inside of Jewel’s thighs to get her legs further apart. Then she grabs Jewel’s panties and cuntlips and pulls them hard.
Jewel tries to resist and screams: “Get your filthy paws of me, bitch.”
“Hold on”, the boss says as he comes up to the women, “She has the right to check whether this lingerie is her property. And I have the feeling that whatever is in that underwear is my property. Am I right cunt?”
He slaps Jewel in the face very hard. Jewel feels her cuntjuices flow as he slaps her again.
“Yes sir, my body belongs to you sir.”
“That’s what I thought”, the boss said smacking her ass.


Jewel has no control over her body anymore and feels another flow gulping out of her cunt.
“This filthy bitch is wetting my panties, can I punish her for that, sir?” Rose asked.
“Yes slave Rose you have permission to punish her.”
Rose pulls Jewel down by the hair and strips her panties. She orders Jewel to arch her back while licking the boss’ shoes. Rose takes the belt from her husband trousers and belts Jewel’s ass over and over again.

Jewel’s ass is turning all red; Rose is very precise in her hitting; she hits the same spot three times in a row. Jewel’s ass show imprints of the belt everywhere and she begs Rose to stop hitting her there. Rose orders her to lie on her back and open her legs. Rose pulls her panties off and sits on Jewel’s face ordering her to lick her ass and pussy.
She then hits Jewel with the belt on her pussy. Jewel’s cries are smothered by Rose’s ass.
“She doesn’t protest too much, I think she likes it.”
The boss grabs Rose by the hair and pulls her off Jewel.

“It’s about time I had a bit of fun as well. You go and lick her cunt and I will try out my throat.”
He kneels over Jewel and stuffs his cock in her mouth, while Rose is licking with big strokes over Jewel’s cunt. She is sure that she will not orgasm from a woman licking her cunt, she’s not a lesbian after all. Still she gets aroused again.
She already sneaked two orgasms without anybody noticing it. Then the boss sticks his cock in her throat as deep as possible. Jewel needs to gag and tastes his pre-cum. He orders her to hold it down until she orgasms. Jewel gets aroused more than she would have expected but still is a long way off.
She gets confused; would the boss really mean that she has to cum first before he takes his cock out? She really wants to please him and be obedient; she knows she cannot fake an orgasm; she chokes and gags heavily by now.
“This bitch is sucking my clit; my gawd I cannot hold this any longer; pull it out; make me cum.”
Her toes are curling up and she slaps her hands on the floor. She feels that she is going to pass out and then the big wave hits her and she comes hard and loud.

The boss slaps Jewel’s face and Rose slaps her cunt. The cock finally is pulled out and along with it big waves of slime and spit.
“I want you to clean her up”, he tells Rose.
Rose crawls over and starts to lick all the slime up.
“Spit it in her mouth”, the boss says, “And spread your legs.”
Rose and Jewel are now sucking slime, spitting and kissing each other. The boss has planted his dick in Rose’s ass and is pounding her.
“Oh gawd, thank you sir, you know I love it in the ass.”
Rose is getting so horny that she rips Jewel’s blouse open and pulls so hard on her bra that it breaks.
“Finally I get hold off these filthy tits,” Rose says and she starts slapping them and abusing the nipples.


She grabs a ruler off the desk and starts striping the tits.
“Please go on”, Jewel says “You are going to make me cum again.”
Rose sticks three fingers in Jewel’s cunt and massages Jewel’s clit with her thumb.
“Don’t you dare to cum now without permission,” the boss says. “You’ve got to wait until you have tasted my cum.”
Jewel had found a way to orgasm when he wanted her to. She knows it is extremely difficult for her to hold it.
“I will fire your sorry ass if you cum too soon.”
She knows he’s serious so she tries to think of something else. She can hear the boss squirting his load in Rose’s ass. How is she ever going to taste it now? The boss orders Rose to sit above Jewel’s mouth and push the cum out of her ass.
“Do you want me to touch your cunt?” the boss asks Jewel. “I will not touch you gently; just slap hard.”


“Yes sir, please slap my cunt to make me cum.”
Rose is rubbing her clit while the sperm slowly drips out off her ass. She has a loud orgasm and squirts all over Jewel’s face and in her mouth. She sits on her knees next to Jewel and squeezes her tits. Together they share the mixture of cum, while the boss slaps Jewel’s cunt.
This is all too much for Jewel; she never had multiple big orgasms in her life. This is all so kinky and hot though that she can feel a wave through her body from her neck along her spine to her cunt. She knows she is going to explode but tries to push it back up again to postpone it happening and making it even bigger. At last she knows that nothing can help her and she starts to let it flow.
“Oh gawd, you fucking whore, slap that filthy cunt, squeeze my hungry slut tits; I am a hungry cunt and I want to be used; fuck me gawd damn it.”
She nearly passes out again.


As she comes to her senses, she hears the boss say: “Next week you will steal that red latex dress and visit us in it.”
Rose says: “I will give you the tour of torment in the cellar of our villa and fuck your ass with a strap-on.”
Jewel sees herself as a ghost floating above her own body and she hears the ghost say: “Why do we have to wait until next week?”

 Starmaster, 9 July 2008

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