Sex and Submission: “May I service you after hours?”

Jane (Keiko) works at a hardware market. It is just one hour before closing time and there aren’t too many customers. Suddenly she sees one of her favourite customers John Houston (Mark Davis) entering. Just seeing him makes her horny. He’s always very friendly with her, but she suspects that he could be firm and strict with a woman and that just makes her soft and melting away.
As she decides to go over to him (before somebody else of the staff beats her to it) a woman (Isis Love – Mrs. Rebecca Houston) enters the store.
“Damn”, she thinks, “His bitch is there as well.”
She hates this woman; she is so bossy and possessive. She sees somebody else going up to the couple and decides to stay behind the counter.
“Wonder what he will buy this time”, she thinks. “Mostly it is rope and chains he buys, but also wooden planks and metal clips.”
Jane often fantasized what he would do with all that stuff.
“Maybe he has an S & M place somewhere; that would be really cool. I would love to be tied up by him. He is so much older and looks so experienced.”

A few months ago she had asked her boyfriend to tie her up and have rough sex with her. She was out of the tie within one minute and he just talked dirty with her calling her a slut and demanding a blow job. It was the end of the relationship; she had enough of young non-experienced boys.
“I would love this man to manhandle me; rough me up; tear my clothes from me.”
She dreams away and closes her eyes.
“Excuse me young lady; could you assist me?”
Jane is startled; as she looks up she stares right in John’s eyes. She blushes; completely melts away in his eyes and feels her blood raging though her arteries.
“Yes sir, of course sir, how may I help you?”
“Oh please”, Mrs Houston butts in, “My husband is making a new sawing horse and needs some more of those planks. Go and see if there more of those in store; and hurry up, we haven’t got all day.

“Certainly madam, I will check immediately.”
What she thinks is: “I hope he ties you on to that sawing horse and beats the crap out of you.”
After a few minutes Jane comes back: “We do have them sir, but we have to bring them in from the warehouse. They could be here for you tomorrow.”
“That’s no good”, Rebecca Houston bites to her: “We need them today.”
Then John Houston adds: “I would be very grateful if I could have them today.”
There is no way that Jane is going to resist this.
“The shop closes at seven, but I could wait here for you until eight and you can pick them up then sir.” 
“That’s awfully nice of you, young lady”, John says, “I’ll be there in time.”
“I am always glad to be at service to you sir, and I can hardly wait to see you again.”
She gives him a lovely smile and flutters her eyelashes. Rebecca grabs her husband by the arm and pulls him out of the shop.
“Was this cunt coming on to you?” she whispered through her teeth. “I don’t know dear, could be she’s just trying to be helpful.”
“Oh my,” Jane thought, “Is he defending me or just being polite?”

Two hours have passed and Jane is still waiting at the shop. She’d given up all hope.
“It was too good to be true”, she thinks, “Meeting with the man of my dreams all alone”.
She packs her coat and wants to close up as a big black van drives up the parking lot.
“Glad you’re still there sweetie; I had to wait till my wife had gone; she didn’t allow me to go; she thought you were coming on to me earlier. Well young lady, were you coming on to me?”
She blushes again and feels all getting warm again. Would she dare?
“Yes sir, I think I was; I think you’re so handsome and you look so experienced; would you please consider; I am offering myself; I mean I want you to; I don’t do this with every man, sir; oh please sir.”
“Stop rambling”, John says, “And tell me what you want.”
“I want; I want you to take me sir.”
“You mean fuck you? Oh you are a little slut; I could tell the minute I saw you. You’ve got to understand though I don’t do normal fucking.

I only do it rough; you will have to like a bit of spanking and tying up.”
Jane feels that she’s getting wet between her thighs. This was her dream coming true.
“Oh yes sir, I’ll be a good girl; I like a firm hand.”
“That’s what I thought”, John says grabbing Jane’s hair and throwing her in the van. They drove about 15 minutes. Jane was on the floor off the van, lying down and handcuffed. She was blindfolded and it was a bumpy ride. She was getting severely bruised.
As the van stopped John opened the door: “Get out slut and take my arm.” He guided her through the house and up the stairs. 


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