Whipped Ass: “Cloning Pony girls”

This story is written with Cooldude 27 as a co-writer. It was he who had the idea for the set-up and the rough outline of this story. It was he who chose the characters. It was posted as a sloppy (his term) story on the threads as an idea for a shoot. For some reason I don’t think Marty would dare to do a thing like this. But hey, if thrown in some electricity the Princess would love this. Anyway this is my version of Cooldude’s fantasy.

Liz (MzBerlin) is walking her slave Krissy (Sasha Sparx) out on the street. She knows she is taking a big risk of being arrested again, but she walks all off her slaves once a week; as if they were pets. People in the neighbourhood stopped complaining as long as she is doing it on a time that there are no children around. So the usual time for her to do this is after nine o’clock; as long as her slaves are ‘dressed’ there is not much the police can do. Liz is dressed in a black latex cat suit, with her tits barely in. The nipples are barely hidden and her enormous tits pop out big time. She has long black boots with 4” heels.

Liz wants Krissy to look as naked as possible so she borrowed Madison Young’s Ultimate Surrender outfit and ordered Krissy to put that on. The top is way too small for her - it barely covers Madison’s small titties - in fact it just covers Krissy’s nipples. The bottom part would look okay normally but Liz has tied them up so high that it hardly covers anything.
Still, Liz was not happy as she checked it out beforehand. She decided to make the outfit wet so that you could see through it as well.
“Now you look hot and filthy”, she said to Krissy, “Are you ready to walk the street like that?”
Krissy didn’t answer; she felt humiliated but knew she couldn’t argue with her mistress.
“Since you obviously don’t protest”, Liz said, “We will add something extra.”

She took a pony headstall from the cupboard and gagged Krissy with a tight bit. Krissy started to drool immediately. “That will keep your outfit nice and wet. I want people to explore your body, like the filthy slut you are.”
On top of that Krissy wore high heels as well and was walked at a leash. She was told to put her hands up like a begging dog and walk like a pony with high knee-action every time people passed in the street. The sound of her heels clicking made her a realistic pony.
Liz even invited passengers to stroke her pet and compliment her being ‘a good girl’. This was all so embaressing; one passing guy pulled a string of her outfit and Liz made him tie it again after straightening her outfit so this guy could look right into it. Krissie was so glad that Liz decided to enter a bar.
The minute she entered the bar though she was in shock again. She immediately recognized Raven (January Seraph) – a goth girl - sitting on a stool at the bar. She was wearing a red latex dress, with her tits completely naked. Since this wasn’t allowed at the bar she had a sort of nylon see-through top under her dress.

The dress was extremely tight and short and she wore net stockings and little red boots with high heels. This girl had tried to date her so often at high school. She even had her hand in Krissy’s panties once; but luckily another girl came to the rescue then. Now she was so vulnerable; Liz wouldn’t defend her for sure; she might even encourage Raven.
“Hi honey, nice to see you”, Liz said to Raven, “Want to meet my new pet?”
She practically pushed Krissy in Ravens arms. Raven got a handful of Krissy’s tits and squeezed her nipple. It immediately rose to a huge proportion.
“She’s glad to see me too”, Raven said showing everybody in the bar the big nipple. “Would you like a bit of sugar?” She took a lump of sugar and pushed it in Krissy’s mouth. With the bit still being in, she really couldn’t eat the sugar properly and it made her drool even more.
Liz punished her by slapping her tits and ordered her to clean the boots she had been drooling on. Liz and Raven ordered new drinks and Krissy was on her knees licking Raven’s boots. The girls talked about her as if she wasn’t there; Raven telling Liz all about the time she touched her cunt. Every time she nearly finished cleaning the boots Raven gave her a new lump of sugar and the drooling started all over again.

After a while Raven said: “This is so boring; let’s go over to my place and have some fun with your bitch.”
“What about transport?” Liz said, “We are here on foot.”
“You are going to love this”, Raven replied, “The guy that brought me here by bike taxi, has left this vehicle for my use tonight.”
She points to a trishaw - a two-seat cart with a bike in front of it.
“Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your bitch bringing us home in that outfit?”
“Just hope that the leash is long enough that I can still pull her head”, Liz said. “And I could use this on her”, Raven says showing a bull whip.
“You’ll better be fast enough my dear.”
Krissy opens her mouth to protest; what is this Raven bitch thinking anyway; she’s submitted to Liz not to her. The minute she opens her mouth, Liz grabs her neck and chokes her with her left hand and slaps her face with the right.

“Don’t you dare to protest, cunt, she’s my friend and you do as you’re told.”
“Yes, mistress, if you say so.” “I do say so, cunt, and straighten your outfit.”
Krissy’s nipples are peaking out and she’s almost showing her labia.
As she straightens herself out Raven says: “It makes me so horny watching her touching her tits. Let’s go to my place fast, I need to take off the tension.”
It is eight miles to Raven’s house; the first two miles are reasonably flat; after that it’s a bit of a slope – uphill – for three miles. Krissy is getting really tired and feels the bullwhip because she can’t keep up the pass.
Liz pulls on the leash and orders: “Thank Raven for motivating you like this.”
She says: “Thank you Mistress Raven for motivating me”, and thinks, “Stop it you fucking mean bitch.”
“You’re welcome dear”, Raven says striking her again with that horrible whip.

Krissy is so glad that they have reached the top of this tour; she is exhausted and feels her body stinging all over. The last part is flat again, but it is still three more miles. They are in an area where there are no houses and on a very calm road.
“We’ll have a break”, Raven says, “So that you can catch your breath.”
Krissy is so relieved; maybe that Raven is not such a bitch after all.
“Why don’t you thank her properly?” Liz asked and grabs Krissy’s hair and pulls her behind the trishaw.
“Loose that and spread your legs”, Liz says pointing at the lower part of her outfit.
Krissy knows what is going to happen; it is Liz’ favourite punishment; pulling her pubic hair with one hand and smacking her cunt with the other. It hurts like hell, because her pussy was already irritated riding this bike in a wet outfit.
“Get on that bike and let’s move on”, Liz orders.

Krissy is shocked as she sees what Raven has done in the meantime. The saddle is gone and replaced by a saddle with a dildo on it. She can’t actually mean….
“What are you waiting for? Raven says, “You have rested long enough and your Mistress has told me how you like to be fucked. Let me help you.”
Raven spits on her hand and Liz adds to that. Raven uses the spit as lube – part on the dildo – and the rest she smears over Krissy’s cunt. Getting her cunt over the dildo is one thing; it feels kind of nice and it makes Krissy wet. Riding the bike in that position is another thing; it provides pain and pleasure at the same time.
She is told by Liz not to cum but she doesn’t think that tis would be a problem. The pain caused keeps an orgasm away. The moment they arrive at Raven’s place Krissy feels that the pain eases and she does feel an orgasm coming up. This dildo has been in her cunt under a strange angle and has rubbed her G-spot all the way; she doesn’t dare to move.
“Hurry up”, Liz says, “What are you waiting for?”

“If I get off the bike can I please, please have an orgasm?” Krissy pleads.
“What the fuck are you rambling on about”, Liz says, “Get off I said”.
She grabs Krissy by the hair and pulls her off the dildo. The dildo has suck vacuum on her cunt and gets out with a loud pop. Immediately Krissy has a hard orgasm and squirts all over the bike.
Liz slaps Krissy’s face and tits ripping her top of her. Krissy tries to defend herself but Liz hits her in all places and she’s too late every blow. She then takes a paddle and spanks Krissy’s ass with it until it is as red as Raven’s dress.
Finally they get inside the house where Liz ties Krissy to a post. Liz shows Raven how to tie up a girl and how she should whip Krissy.
To Krissy’s surprise Raven seems to be very un-experienced with the flogger.
“Keep on flogging her Raven, while I get changed”, Liz orders.

The minute Liz leaves the room Raven starts to apologize: “I am so sorry, she makes me do all this; it’s the only chance I could get at being close to you and I love you so much; ever since we were in high school. It was all Liz’ idea with the bike and the dildo; I didn’t want to hit you with the whip but she forced me. She’s a terrible woman; I understand why you hate her.”
“Why would you think I hate her,” Krissy says, “I submitted to her, out of free will. I want her to treat me like this. That’s what I like: the pain, the rules, the power Liz has over me; it all gives me an enormous boost and loads of adrenaline and endorphin.”  
“I find it al so exciting”, Raven says, “It makes my pussy very wet; but I hate to see you in pain; I love you.”
They exchange a long and very passionate kiss. Krissy looks totally different to this woman that she used to consider to be a rapist.

She says: “Please use the flogger on me, I love it. If you do a good job bringing me pain I think I could love you back.” Liz enters the room and shouts: “What the fuck are you talking with her? You are supposed to use that flogger on her.” She pulls Raven by the hair and gets under her dress. She squeezes Raven’s cuntlips; it hurts but at the same time she gets extremely wet. She hits Krissy with the flogger and walks over to her and kisses her. Then she takes distance and hits her again directly going over to kiss her again. This goes on and on. Krissy is loving this treatment and Raven gets very horny of it.
Liz shakes her head and says: “You’ll never make it as a dominatrix. Go ahead, I know you want to rub your clit as wel. Humiliate yourself and stick your between your thighs.”
Raven gets very excited being talked to her like that.

“What you say we fuck her now”, Liz says untying Krissy’s knots. “Go and get the strap-ons.
She loves it when she’s double penetrated. Raven has no idea what that means but is so excited finally to get to fuck the love of her life, that she doesn’t even ask. Liz and Raven both get a strap-on and Raven passionately starts to kiss Krissy, caressing her boobs.
“She wants you to slap those tits”, Liz says handing over a paddle. “Stick that strap-on deep down her throat and use this on her filthy tits”.
Raven hits her on the tits but not very hard. She does pound deep down her throat though. She likes it herself to be deep throated gaining experience over the years by practising with fruits. She gets so excited. Liz lies down in the floor and orders Krissy to get the strap-on in her ass. Raven sticks hers in Krissy pussy and starts pounding; she gets so fucking horny, she feels a big wave of orgasm coming up.
She never had an orgasm not being penetrated; she feels her nipples growing and her tits standing up like hard rocks. As she gets close she snaps and slaps Krissy hard across the face.
“Oh you fucking whore; I love you; I want to fuck you, cum for me, oh dirty slut, you are mine at last.”
Raven releases a terrible cry and comes very hard her juices squirting all over Krissy. Krissy comes at the same time, leaving Liz the only one not to reach the maximum yet.

Liz knows how she wants it. She ties Krissy’s hands and wrists together. Then she ties a crotch rope; she takes Krissy’s arms over her head and pulls them down. She attaches the rope of her hands to the crotch rope. Krissy knows that she is going to hurt her cunt as she tires. Next she gets an ass hook inserted and attached to her hair. Then Liz ties her to the ceiling to prevent her from falling and takes one leg pulls it up and ties – in total spread – the foot next to her head. Krissy knows that she cannot handle this very long. One time she had been in such a suspension for 45 minutes.
She ties a mouth spreader to her head and opens it to the maximum. She spits in her mouth and orders Raven to do the same. Raven hates that but knows by now that she cannot go against Liz. Liz orders her to get clover clamps on Krissy’s nipples and hangs weights of them.


Then she spits again in Krissy’s mouth and asks: “What do you want Raven to do now?”
“Heese hake huh hishu ho”, is all Raven can understand.
Liz takes a cuntlip and twists it: “Try again cunt, nobody can understand you.”
Now Raven understands: “Please make my Mistress cum.”
“She is going to stay in this hogtie until you do.”
Raven gets between Liz’ legs immediately, but Liz will not have that and tells her to use her mouth. Raven gets down on her knees, she grabs Liz’ ass with both hands and starts licking that pussy. Liz turns around from times to times to have her ass licked as well. Raven is prepared to do anything to get her friend out of that terrible tie.


Liz has decided however to take it slow and keeps herself on the edge of cumming for over thirty minutes. Krissy starts moaning in light of the heavy suspension. Raven excuses for not making Liz cum fast. Liz really enjoys her moment but finally has to let go.
She pulls Raven’s hair and slaps her hard; punishing her for taking so long a time. Raven suddenly feels very submissive. It is all her fault that Krissy had to suffer that long; she crawls over; licking and kissing Krissy’s feet and making constant excuses. When Krissy is untied all three sink to the ground and kiss each other passionately.

“Tomorrow I will walk both of you pets”, Liz says.
“Please do”, Raven says, “I will take anything you dish out as long as I can be close to my love.”
“Please Mistress”, Krissy says, “Would you chain her to me tonight. I hated that goth bitch ever since she grabbed me at high school, but I actually think she could be the love of my life.”

Starmaster, summer 2008 based on the ideas of Cooldude27

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