This story is the fantasy of candy from Amsterdam. She created this fantasy, thought and wrote the events and asked me to change it into a story. Where I thought it would be appropriate I have added some extras. So all in all it is her fantasy and she used me as her ghost writer. Much to my pleasure I may add.


Run baby, run!


It’s a Friday night; the end of a long and exhausting week. Tired and glad that I finally arrived at what promises to be a quiet week-end. How else would this turn out to be. Barely home from work and some hasty shopping and just mixed up some speedy meal. I actually just finished it sitting on the couch watching some soap just before seven o’clock.

I hear my cell phone bleeping in my bag; oh my goodness a text message from Him. I recognise immediately the special tone I reserved for my Master’s text messages. Excited I search between all the garbage in my bag. This was totally unexpected; I would have never thought that he would reserve time for me today. Well I am happy with all the attention he throws at me. I look and read and read again. This doesn’t make sense; what the hell does he mean by this.


                        19:00 hours sharp; be ready on the sidewalk in front of your house.

                        Don’t speak don’t move. Clothes: normal casual outfit; no lingerie.


What would be the meaning of this? Oh and it is ten to seven already. I run upstairs trying to undo my panties while running through the corridor; I almost end up face flat down in the bathroom. I hastily unbutton my blouse and rip off my bra. There is no time to change wardrobe. I drag a comb through my hair and put up his favourite perfume. On the way down I button up my blouse and straighten my skirt. Down in the hallway I slip into the first pair of shoes I see, grab my keys and bag and close the door behind me. I check my watch: three minutes before seven.

I take a deep breath and slowly walk to the edge of the sidewalk; a few minutes left to resume easy breathing so I will be calm and controlled when he arrives. Now I realise I should have gone for a wee and I should have put on a coat. It’s dry but certainly cool. I can feel the cold wind blowing under my skirt and my nipples double in size. They stick right through my blouse. Master will be happy about that. I check my watch again, it is seven, and I am too frightened I won’t make it if I go back to the house. I just hope Master doesn’t let me wait too long. He sometimes does this while having me wear a leather outfit; in disgrace for the whole neighbourhood. Luckily it is dark now, but my God it is freezing when you have to stand here for a while.

I check my watch again; it is seven past seven already. Oh shit there is my neighbour coming around the corner with his dog.
“Bit cold neighbour, without a coat. It should have been better to wait inside.”
Don’t speak, don’t move, the words are pounding in my head. The dog is sniffing under my skirt, lifting it a little just at the moment the wind blows again. I pull up my shoulders and keep quiet.

He just stands there staring at my nipples and not minding the dog that has his snout all the way against my moist cunt. At last he decides to walk on for a few yards to turn around once more. As he pulls the dog from under my skirt the wind blows my skirt up and I am certain he can see my naked ass. He whistles and walks on. I am so embarrassed but at the same time very aroused.

Then His car pulls up. He gets out and walks around to open the door for me. When I am about to speak he puts his index finger on his lips to hush me. While I am still getting in the car he lifts my skirt to check that I am not wearing panties. No need to check for the bra for my nipples are burning holes in my blouse, As soon as I am seated Master pulls a black hood over my head. He pulls on the string and attaches it around my neck. I cannot see a thing and I need to stay calm for I just get the minimum of oxygen.

Master is silent during the ride and I just hear the sound of the car and in the beginning other traffic noise. At last the car stops and even before I get the chance to talk, Master speaks.
“Sit still; move or talk and it is game over and you will have lost.”
He squeezes my tits as if he wants to underline the significance of his words.
“Okay this is a game,” I think.
I trust my Master completely but I also know he likes to play games on the edge of my limits sometimes not fearing to cross them.

I shiver and shake in the car; the door is open and the wind enters freely. It seems that the wind even has more force and it is definitely colder. I hear male voices coming from afar but definitely getting clearer by the second.
Suddenly an arm grabs me tight as in a steel lock. I am dragged out of the car and picked up by multiple arms. I am pushed forward to walk but still can’t see a thing. One hand has a firm grip on my arm and the other hands push me. Sometimes they poke in my back but every now and then I can feel hands touching my ass or tits, with no other than a raunchy purpose.

I transpire from fear and shiver in cold. Inside me there is a fire of curiosity and desire as well as fear. All of a sudden we stop; somebody puts a note in my hand and a voice whispers in my ear.
“Read the note; run baby, run!”
The string is loosened and the hood is removed. I have to get adjusted to the dawn and to the cold that strikes my overheated head. What was it the voice whispered? I turn my head but there is no one to be seen. I am even more scared now. I nervously open the note. There is a text in SMS style:

                        You have five minutes advantage on me; reach the car
                        in time and I will give you something nice. If you don’t
                        make it in time you are mine for the week-end.

                        P.S. Be quick; there are guards everywhere.

I look around again; I don’t get it; what does this mean? Than I realise that I am in the woods and get the idea. I start running as fast as I can. I have used up two whole minutes standing there and thinking. On the inside I cheer and I scream for joy. The adrenaline is pumping through my whole body. I need to run: I don’t want to get caught; or maybe I do after all. The idea of His strong arms around me, grabbing me, squeezing all the air out of me all and forcing me to give him pleasure I am so ready to submit.

The paths are muddy there are loose branches everywhere and other branches that torture my body like His cane. It darkens fast and the paths are getting narrower as I go deeper and deeper into the woods. I hear voices behind me and I hear things cracking. The mud makes it more difficult to run and I can feel my legs tiring and their muscles cracking up; haunted as a savage animal while the cold is creeping into my clothes. The yelling gets louder; voices are everywhere now. How can this be? How could they have seen me? And with how many are they anyway?

My breath is like a warm cloud in the cold air and the sweat runs downwards between my breasts. My blouse is soaked and my skirt sticks to my legs. I run and run and from far I can already hear my Master’s voice.
“Run baby, run! For I can see you……..”

I nearly give up hope if suddenly I can see the car. Would I beat Master in his game? I am almost there and speed up for the final sprint; I want to touch the car; ma fingers just inches away from the door grip; as two strong arms – not belonging to my Master - grab me. Immediately I get the hood over my head again but luckily this time the string is not pulled. I grasp for air. And again there is the whispering voice once more.
“You didn’t actually think you could win, did you?”

I kick and scream for fear but calm down if I hear my Master’s voice.
“I did win fair and square right baby?”
“Yes Master, you won,” still puffing as a steam engine.
“Okay so this week-end you’ll be mine; this is my week-end. What shall I do with this cute body now belonging to me? Undress her. And you baby? Don’t move a muscle.”
Unknown men are undressing me and Master knows I hate this and that it scares the shit out of me. If he sees my body react he raises the hood and strikes my cheeks. I recognise Master’s hand immediately and calm down.

He squeezes my buttocks hard and slaps my face for dessert. I calm down immediately.
“Stop whining; you belong to me now; I have a found a beautiful spot where I intend to fully enjoy your presence.”
As soon as I am totally nude I am pushed into the car, in the middle of the backseat. On either side a man gets into the car. I can feel their strong hands on my thighs. I am scared to death that they will grope me more so I sit as quietly as possible.
“Where are we going Master, what will happen?”

There is complete silence in the car as it starts to move. If I repeat my question silence is softly broken by one of the man whispering in my ear.
“This is what you wanted, right? This is what you’ve asked for little bitch; kidnapped by your own Master.”
I am punished for asking by pulling the string tight again. It obliges me to concentrate on my breathing. While we drive all kinds of questions run through my head. When did I ask to be kidnapped? Certainly not to be kidnapped with lots of strangers around. Oh it turns me on; there is no question about that; slowly but definitely a very wet spot is made on the backseat right between my legs. Legs I cannot close for the men still have their hands on my thighs keeping them apart.

Maybe the hood over my head is nit such a bad thing after all; now nobody can see the redness of my head out of shame at the idea having asked for such a vulgar thing. None of my questions is answered though; it is quiet in the car; quiet as in a graveyard. I have no idea about how long we are driving; I get a little bit nauseous and dizzy caused by the hood. I am slowly loosing my consciousness but wake up rudely when the men pull my legs further apart. At last the car stops and the men get out. I am frightened and I sit real still. Just like a child that thinks that if she doesn’t move people will not notice her.

Than there is this hand again grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the car door. Another hand reaches for my nipple and pulls me up by it. A sharp pain cuts through my tit and nipple, but I don’t make a sound. I fall over in the arms of my Master. I recognise his strong arms and the warmth and scent of his body. If he encloses me with his arms I am electrified with horny feelings towards him.

From this point on I am carried and we proceed in silence. I cannot hear my Master; is he still with us? Who is carrying me? All questions unanswered. It seems that we are going downwards and with every step it seems that the temperature thinks. I try to kick and squirm to escape from the firm grip. I protest loudly but the sound is partially softened by the hood. It’s all useless; it just means that the grip on me is tightening.

A door is opened with a loud squealing sound. Suddenly it hits me; now I know which fantasy is meant. The wish of my secret fantasy only my Master knows off. The fantasy in the cellar; now I remember every detail of it; my breathing gets heavier; I moan. I try to scream but there is no sound.
“No, no, not now; let me go back into the woods!”
The only sound leaving my throat is a soft moaning; anxiety breaks out in sweat all over my body; I shiver from cold and stress; my body glows from heat and anxiety; or is it pleasure? The pleasure of what is about to happen. I try again to scream in fear but my vocal chords seem to be paralyzed.

“Master where are you?”
It sounds like the howling of a dog with a severe cold; no man could have understood what I said. The string in the hood is tightened. The temperature inside the hood rises enormously and I feel I do not get sufficient air. The squealing and moaning increases automatically.
“Breath normally or I will not take it off,” I hear from an unknown male voice.
I am pushed on a chair and the string is tightened even more. It’s the punishment for not breathing normally but I cannot control it. I hear my Master’s demanding voice.

“Stop puffing and breathe normally. I demand that you breathe normally and you know what happens if you don’t follow my orders.”
His voice brings the calmness though it takes some time before normal easy breathing is resumed completely. As a reward the string is loosened a bit. Some time after that the door closes with a loud bang. I startle and my breathing increases again. I sit there helpless, naked on a chair with my bare feet on the stone floor, cold as ice. I am reigned by the biggest fear of every sub; the fear to be left helplessly behind by your Master as his form of final punishment for you.
“Master, Master, please don’t leave me behind.”

I try to suppress my sobbing to be able to hear sounds in the cellar. I can hear somebody’s presence and hear his breathing coming closer. I need to know whether it is my Master or a stranger. I try to take the hood from my head, but it won’t pass. I hear his breathing very close to me and I pull the hood as hard as I can, choking myself. My hands are pulled away from the hood and I feel a harsh slap in my face. A few seconds later my hands are chained to…….; I just don’t know.
The command is short but decisive.

My heart jumps for joy for I recognise my Master’s voice. He pulls up the hood a bit just keeping the nose covered and slaps the naked right cheek, hard. I can feel that his fingers have left their imprint behind.
“My helpers are assigned to be silent and here is another one for daring to ask questions in the car. I am you Master not some inquiry desk.”
He slaps my left cheek and this one even seems harder. My cheeks glow like burning coal and I know that I need to shut up from now on. I am glad it is my Master giving me this treatment even though other men might be watching this.

“Come on, rise!”
The chair is kicked away. He strikes my breasts that feel as cold as ice as is my whole body.
“I hate cold tits; give me a number.”
“Four,” I say trying to keep the damages limited.
“Times three is twelve,” he replies immediately.
He smacks my left tit six time each stroke harder as the one before and changes for a similar series on the right tit. I sigh relieved, glad I made without producing a sound.
“That’s halfway,” he says, “Twelve on each tit.”
I bite my lips this time so hard that I can taste some blood, but I manage again.
“Nice warm tits,” he says while warming his cold cheeks pressing them against my red tits.

He gets the only chair and sits on it.
“Sit down,” he orders.
My buttocks probe the stone cold floor and I cannot help squealing. He grabs my hair and pulls me on his lap.
“What did I say, stupid cunt, shut the fuck up; no sound.”
He makes sure smacking every inch of my ass, leaving my buttocks evenly red in every spot. He pulls me up by my hair and slaps the inside of my thighs several times.
“Spread those fucking legs.”

My ankles are attached to either side of an iron bar. I am glad he lets me sit on the chair now, but only with my ass on the very edge of the seat, while my arms are stretched behind me.
“Wow, lovely sight, I like this, but it’s not finished yet, bitch. You’d better have an night of sleep here, before we can continue.”

But it is freezing cold here and I really need to pee; would I dare to ask him? As if my Master can read my mind, he answers it before I need to ask.
“Look at the bucket besides of you. I want you to pee in there. Get off that chair and pee in the bucket.!”
I am about to say something but he chokes me with his left hand and pulls my cuntlips with his right. Normally I like that feeling but this time he has a part of my pubic hair as well and I feel a really sharp pain.
“I want to see you piss, got that bitch?”
I nod and he kisses me through the hood.
“Good bitch,” he says as if addressing his dog.

He holds my hair while I squat over the bucket and my piss splashes in the iron bucket. Then he wants me to hold that position while I clinch myself to his shoulders. With his left hand he squeezes my tits and nearly rips my nipples off. I feel his shaking body indicating that he uses his right hand to satisfy his horny feelings. I want for him to touch my pussy: I know I will have an immediate orgasm if he does; but he is just thinking of his own pleasure. He continues to torture my tits and nipples harder and harder and finally allows me to react.
“Scream bitch, scream goddammit; let me hear how much pain I inflict.”
I scream and I squeal like a baby pig; it’s a dreadful, cruel, sharp pain. This is what excites him the most.

“This is how I adore you, close your eyes tightly.”
My screaming is even louder now he pulls the hood off. He opens my mouth and squirts all his semen in there. He’s been saving and this is a full load.
“Swallow bitch and if you even spill one drop you will be sleeping hanging from the wall and there will be no chair for you to enjoy.”
It nearly suffocates me and choking I swallow; I stick out my tongue making sure no drop can escape. I never expected my Master to cum this fast. Apparently the fantasy has excited him too. I open my eyes; I shiver for joy and want to see my Master.

“I said keep you eyes closed, cunt.”
The hood is pulled on again and the string is tightened; really tight this time. Again he squeezes and moulds my tits and I start screaming again. He forces me back on the chair and spreads my legs. He grabs my cunt and opens my labia. Rapidly he pushes some fingers in and uses his thumb to massage my clit. I start to breathe heavily for I am ready to cum. Just before the big moment he leaves my cunt, grabs my hands and ties them behind my back to the chair.

And then …… there is absolute silence. I can only hear my own heavy breathing and I try to get my satisfaction by rubbing my body against the chair. My cunt cannot really reach the wooden seat and it just makes it worse. The longing for an orgasm grows and grows but it is his hand that has to do it. I can feel his breath on my body and I can feel his hands only inches away from my cunt. I squirm to reach his hand with my cunt but he pulls back. Despite my hood I can see the sadistic smile that must be on his face. He is on top of his game. Then I can feel a sudden blow of the wind.

“Nighty night baby.”
The door slams with a big bang.
“Master, Master, please don’t leave me alone.”
Behind the door I can hear a hollow sadistic laugh and I can hear my Master call.
“You’ll never be alone; I’ll be watching you; guarding my precious possession; this week-end isn’t over yet.”

Cold, naked, alone, tied up and with a hood over my head. The scent of my Master’s sweat and juices in my nose and my cunt prickling, tense and longing with desire. The longing for my Master’s hand and the orgasm that will be just around the corner all night, but will never arrive; abandoned by everything and everybody.
All by myself.
Captured in my own fantasy.



Starmaster (ghostwriter)


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