Whipped Ass; “Who’s the boss?”

Sheila (Sabrina Fox) is a managing director with a large insurance company. Although she’s a controlling and bossy sort of person in her job, she’s the alternative in her private life. At home she is submissive to another woman, but nobody at work or her family has any knowledge about this. She feels happy the way it is and is really happy she can leave the decision making to another person in her private life.
A few months back she hired Kelly (Devaun) as her new private secretary. Kelly was told upfront that her new boss was suspected a lesbian and Kelly had been wearing an exciting dress at the interview. As she was hired, she was over the moon; having such a beautiful redhead as her boss.
She had a crush on this woman ever since the first interview. She wasn’t sure that Sheila felt the same way about her. She was certain though she had made a big impression with that sexy dress. And there was no doubt in Kelly’s mind; this woman was definite a lesbian, as she was.
During working hours she was totally focussed on her job. Whatever Kelly would wear to work, there was never a spark to be seen in Sheila’s eyes. And boy did she wear hot and sexy outfits; extreme short skirts, see-through blouses, showing a lot of cleavage in a dress; she tried it all. 

Sheila would notice it when she came to the office in the morning, because then she would say: “Ooh, nice outfit my dear, but maybe not suitable for the office.”
After that she would go to work and never look at her outfit again. How Kelly would love to meet this woman outside work. Anyway she couldn’t overdo it with the outfits. One morning she even got comment from the cleaning lady.
Claire (Claire Adams) came out of the toilet – cleaning gear in hand – and said while passing the office: “Look at that lesbian tart; are you trying to seduce her again my dear.”
Kelly hated that sadistic woman. It wasn’t her business to comment in the first place; a cleaning lady for crying out loud. Anyway, since then she was a bit more careful in picking her clothes for work.

This day was different though; she was going to have an evaluation interview with Sheila today. If this interview would go well she would get a new contract with the company with better payment and more security. So she picked the sunning evening dress that she wore at the job interview. It was short, but not very tight. If she were to cross her legs she could do it in a way that would show her not wearing panties.

Besides, the top of the dress showed a lot of her bosom, barely hiding the nipples. As she was practising the leg crossover behind her desk, she saw the cleaning lady coming in.
“Having a fancy party today, honey? I don’t think the boss will be delighted having a call girl as a secretary.” “Damn you”, Kelly thinks, “I am at least better dressed than you; although for a cleaning lady she looks alright.” Anyway she has no time to think any further; Sheila enters and starts off immediately. Find me all the files regarding whiplash problems in the last three months and bring them over in my office.
I need them within the next two hours and hold all my calls. Cancel my lunch meeting and I need the 5 reports I ordered you to type out by lunchtime. Kelly tried to protest stating that she wouldn’t have enough time to complete all these tasks.
“You better hurry up then”, was the only reply she got from Sheila. Kelly would have to search for files in the archive; possibly standing on a ladder to reach the top shelves; in this short dress and no panties.

She ran to the archive as fast as she could on her heels. Luckily nobody was there; she searched the index and marked the files on the top shelves. She ran up the ladder, but got off immediately when two male colleagues entered. She picked a few files from the bottom shelves and ran back to her office.
She immediately started to type to get the reports finished. Every 15 minutes she ran back and forth to the archive to pick some files if nobody was there.
At noon Sheila checked in: “And having everything ready, dear; are you alright, you look a bit overheated?”
Kelly looked a mess; her hair was sticking out; she sweated like a pig and was completely out of breath.
“Just half a page away from finishing the reports’, Kelly said, “And I need to pick up the last 15 files you requested”.
“Okay”, Sheila says, “As anyone will have gone off to lunch, I will help you with that.”
“That’s quite alright”, Kelly said, knowing that she would not like Sheila to notice so obviously her missing underwear.

”I can manage that alone.”
“Nonsense”, Sheila says, “It will go much quicker that way and I need them in 15 minutes.”
Kelly saw no way out and on her way to the archive she just thought off new excuses, but couldn’t find them. Sweat was running down from her body and she really needed to wash up. Besides she thought she could smell her own pussy; she wanted to seduce Sheila not attack her.
As they arrived at the archive Sheila said: “I’ll go up the ladder and pick them, you tell me the numbers, and I’ll hand them to you”.
As Sheila was standing on the ladder and reached for the files, she opened her legs a bit. Kelly could see under Sheila’s dress. Was she dreaming or did she notice that Sheila wasn’t wearing panties? She tried to lift the dress a little bit to have a closer look.

Sheila startled her: “Well are you going to keep staring at my bottom, or can you take the file.”
“Sorry”, Kelly says, getting all red in her face, “I’ll pay attention.”
Sheila closes and opens her legs on while standing on the ladder frequently, but each time to short to be sure.
As they walk back to the office, Sheila says: “This morning my basic instinct told me that I needed those files.”
As she sees the startled look on Kelly’s face, she adds: “You can call me Sharon today. Anyway I am taking the rest of the day off.”
Kelly protests: “What about our interview, this afternoon.”
“It’s such a nice day; you can come with me to my home and we’ll have the interview in my backyard at the swimming pool.”

As they arrive at Sheila’s house, it is Claire who opens the door.
“You know Claire from work, she lives here as well”, Sheila says.
“Having your fancy party here then?” Claire says.
“Sheila actually means to say that she is living here as well. The house belongs to me.”
Kelly can’t believe what she is hearing. How can a cleaning lady afford a beautiful house as this?
Even before she can ask, Claire continues: “Well I don’t have to clean for a living. It is a nice way to check up on once property. I have seen you making eyes at my bitch.”
She grabs Sheila’s hair and starts to kiss her. “It was my idea to invite you over. In fact it was my idea to hire you in the first place. I knew you would dress up all horny every day and to show up at work without panties. It made my bitch so hot and I could control her all day.”
She pulls Sheila’s hair so high that she needs to tiptoe.


“Spread those fucking legs, bitch”, Claire says as she slaps the inside of Sheila’s thighs. “Wouldn’t you like to kiss and make out with her as well?” Claire asks addressing Kelly.
She lifts Sheila’s dress so that it becomes obvious that she’s all naked under the dress.
Kelly turns all red and starts to stammer: “Yes, yes, p p please.”
Claire orders her: “Ok hurry up and take her clothes of then. She likes to stand in front of me all naked and vulnerable.”

As soon as Sheila is naked, Claire turns to her and orders her to undress Kelly now. In the process of ripping Kelly’s dress off, she starts to kiss and fondle the girl. Claire will not have this and orders the two girls to stand very close to each other; foreheads and noses touching as well as feet and knees touching.
None of the other body parts are allowed to touch and their arms should be folded behind the back.
“Touching or kissing means extra punishment. This is going to be fun; double girl and single tail is the perfect combination. I do not want to hear you moan in the meantime. Sheila I want you to tell me how much you love me and Kelly you are going to declare how much you love Sheila.”

Claire starts walking around the two girls whipping both girls on ass, legs and back. The girls moan heavily under the whip but from the restraints as well. Their bodies are so close together and yet can not touch where they would really like it. As Kelly moves after a fierce strike of the whip the girls’ nipples touch and Sheila breathes deeply.
For months she wanted to feel those big nipples. She saw them piercing through Kelly’s shirt too often. Just thinking about it makes her melt and her pussy is dripping juices by now. As Claire notices the body changes she grabs a full hand of the red hair and flings the head backwards.
“Are we trying to cum without permission? You know that would be a very bad idea? I’ll use the single tail on your filthy cunt, you know that.”
“Yes Mistress, I’ll try to control myself.” Because Sheila’s head was pulled back, Kelly trips over and falls against her. This really pisses Claire off.
“Trying to hit on her again are you? Trying to seduce my slut whore? Trying to get her in to trouble and making her to cum without permission, are you?”

Claire has a firm grip on Kelly’s nipple, pulling her tit up, and slapping the other tit with every question.
“I should cane these tits and nipples for your seductive behaviour these last months. If you girls want to fight for my attention and each others rewards, let’s hold a contest. Tell me Sheila what is my favourite toy and your worst nightmare?”
“Please Mistress, no pump suction on my nipples. The amount of air you suck out is just too harsh”, Sheila says. “Stop whining and get the suction kit, both for you and this other bitch here.”
As Claire starts pumping on Sheila’s left nipple she sucks it halfway in the tube. It looks like a real little tit on top of the other breast. She then attaches the other tube and sucks even more air out of it.
“I will just have to adjust the first one, to get them even”, Claire says followed by her sadistic laugh.
She repeats the procedure with Kelly’s tits that never before in her life had been sucked. As she goes through the torture she knows that she better not make a sound; in the agony of the moment however she spills some urine; it runs down her legs and leaves a little puddle. Sheila is ordered to kneel down and use her tongue to clean up after her friend. When she’s finished, she is told to stand up and to kiss her friend to remind her of her mistake.

The girls are ordered to stand six feet away from each other. Claire attaches twine to the nipple tubes attaching the girls to each other. The girls are ordered to fold their arms behind their backs and to start pulling on Claire’s command. There is a line between the two girls drawn on the floor.
“The girl that comes too close to the line is whipped back in place. I will use the bull whip for that”, Claire says. “The game ends if one of you looses his nipple tube.”
The girls pull and cry out for pain. Kelly gets close to the line very often and is rewarded with big red stripes of the whip. Sheila has the advantage of being much bigger and leans back. She suffers in silence; it does hurt her nipples and breasts like hell; but she’s a masochist; she likes to be in pain; it makes her pussy very wet.

After five minutes Claire decides to stop and lets some air back in the tubes. They are still pretty tight though and it takes another two minutes of pulling, before Kelly looses on tube.
She cries out: “That’s not fair; she’s much taller than me.”
“I love you cutie”, Claire says, “Actually I was going to declare you the winner, but since you complained you loose after all. Accusing me of not being fair, is it?” Kelly looks to the ground.
She knows she fucked up and she’d better keep her mouth shut. Claire pads her on the ass and rewards her calling her a good girl.

She orders Kelly to pick a real big strap-on to fuck Sheila’s pussy with.
“Oh look at the size of this thing”, Claire says as she holds up the gigantic strap-on.
She hands it over to Sheila and says: “Sorry, I changed my mind; Sheila you can fuck Kelly’s ass with it, while she kneels down and licks my pussy.”
Claire sits on a chair and spreads her legs. It only takes a few minutes before Claire starts to breathe heavily. She has been worked up all day, secretly watching the two in the archive all morning. There had been no coincidence in these happenings today, she had it all planned out.
She orders Sheila to lean forward and pull Kelly’s pussy lips.
“Use your other hand to make yourself cum”, Claire says as she starts squeezing and slapping Kelly’s tits.
“Let’s all come together and I squirt it all in your face.”
There are massive cries and verbal abuses as they all have their orgasm together. Claire keeps her promise and squirts all over Kelly’s face.
As she comes to her senses again, her hair dripping wet, she has just the one question: “Please boss and mistress, can I keep this job forever?”

 Starmaster, 24 June 2008

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