Often first meetings between a new sub and Dom means having coffee in a bar. But how can one check on Domination and submission over coffee. So in my opinion there should be a bit more than just coffee. So I wrote my fantasy of the perfect coffeedate. Did it happen yet? Not so far, but it might some day. Will it happen in the future? I do hope so. Well a guy can wish, right?

Coffeedate? Well not just coffee.

Today would be the day. We have been negotiating about this for weeks almost. It had been 8 weeks ago exactly since I met her in that chat-room. She didn’t have a profile up, just a short note, Candy, woman 42 curious for BDSM but no experience.
And she hadn’t been that easy in giving up information as well. I am a direct person and just ask questions to find out as quickly as possible whether she would be a suitable sub for me. She answered most of my questions but most of the time with a simple yes or no, no explanations.

As I was about to give up, she stated she had to go but would love to chat again. A week went by, me checking in a few times a day but never saw her. Then, at the end of that week she left a message on my profile: ‘Will be in the chat-room tonight; please meet me there’.
This time the conversation was much more lively, but when I suggested to exchange e-mail addresses, the tone changed.
“You can meet me here or not at all, just as you wish. I don’t do e-mail and MSN contacts after first chat.”
“Neither do I,” I replied, trying to be funny, “but as this is our second chat ……”

Two weeks went by, we chatted most days and I had been asking her about what she liked most in BDSM. Difficult conversations, for she was not throwing her information at me. She excused herself but said she had trouble giving up private information.
“No problem,” I said, “I like interrogation play.”
It didn’t sink in. She didn’t want to send me a list for the private e-mail address. Then all of a sudden at the end of that period she apparently changed her mind.
“Why don’t you send me your BDSM list and I send you mine.”
“That would have been a great idea, if only ….”
“If only what …….?” Candy replied.
“If only I had your e-mail address.”

She gave in and we exchanged lists. There were a lot of similarities and as I addressed some of the non matching issues in the next e-mail she answered that this was better discussed on MSN. After a few chats it was all clear to me, I really wanted to meet this woman. She hesitated however.
“I agree that we should meet eventually, but it’s too soon. Don’t pressure me too much.”
“Hey I am not saying that we should play or anything, just want a real life meeting, that’s all. Want to know what you look like, she your submission.”
“It’s too soon; I will let you know when I am ready.”

I figured I’d better let the subject rest. Even without me asking she was providing excuses.
“Really busy week coming …… if only I didn’t have to help out at my sister’s.”
It all felt as excuses upfront till suddenly - out of the blue – one Monday, she changed her mind again.
“I think it is time we met, just coffee mind you, nothing else.”
“I don’t do coffee, I prefer tea and just tea or coffee is a bit mean, don’t you think?”
“Sorry, I don’t play on a first date. It is just coffee or tea and a chat, or no date at all.”
“I just want to test how it is to dominate you, not real play, just a few simple assignments, nothing that difficult; it’ll be in the bar.”
“Sorry will not do that, just what I said; the topic of conversation can be BDSM but no assignments or stuff like that.”

I felt that I had to show my dominance there and then. I needed to take control now.
“Listen, I will not embarrass you in a public place, but just coffee will not do it for me. We either have a coffee date on my terms or not at all. I am a bit fed up with this hide and seek play.”
“There is no hide and seek. I just need to do this one step at the time, you got to cut me some slack here.”
“I have done for weeks now; so your choice: my terms or it ends here and now.”

There was a long silence; I could see that she was typing and changing her message. Finally the message came through.
“Goodbye, have a good life.”
Before I could type a reply she went off line.
I was furious with her and with myself. How could she stood me up like this and going off line without me giving a chance to respond and how could I have been so stupid to force her like that. There I was empty handed. I felt miserable for days.

That Friday I decided to give up on her definitively. It’s been almost 5 days since I heard from her. I couldn’t blame her eventually; I gambled, forced and lost; it’s all in the game. I took a decision; this afternoon at 5 she would be expelled from my MSN contact list.
At 4 that afternoon I saw her coming on line, which was special, for most days she wouldn’t be there before 6. She had been on line most days before but not contacted me.
I didn’t think it would have been my place to start a conversation with her. Why did it bother me this time when I knew I would expel her in an hour.

I tried to concentrate on my new story. I had to hurry up; I promised silver-sara it would be up in the forum that week-end. But somehow I couldn’t; checking every 5 minutes if she still was on line; checking my mail for some sign of her.
Damn, I had been okay all week about this and now, so close to an ending, I realized again how much she meant to me. Then she winked me on MSN, knock, knock.
“Starmaster may I trouble you for a minute?”
I startled; what was I to do? Part of me hated her for contacting me so close before the final moment. I hated it when somebody crossed my decisions. But another part yearned for the fact that she contacted me and maybe providing another chance. I sighed deeply and typed.
“Certainly, what is it you want to talk about?”

“I am really sorry I broke off contact like that. I felt horrible all week because of it. It was very childish of me not accepting the fact that you could have a say in how to organize the coffee date. Could you find it in your heart to give it another chance ………… Sir.”
Okay she hesitated after the sentence but called me Sir for the first time. I sighed again, I needed to sound cool and collected now; not show her I was excited about this.
“Okay this is the deal, we will meet on Monday. It will be in a public place and there will be coffee or tea and a few assignments. It is the final test; I will judge you on what you look like, how you are dressed and how you fulfil the assignments. You will get points on all three items and if the total is above the norm we’ll continue; if not it ends there, deal?”

There was a long pause before she responded.
“At what time would that be on Monday, Sir?”
“You’d be expected at noon.”
“But Sir, I will have to work on Monday, I might not get a day off. My boss can be harsh in these things.”
“Flutter your eyes, beg him, show a bit of leg, let him fondle your tits, what do I care? You either want to be there or not.”
“Okay I will think of something, we will meet at noon.”
“I didn’t say I would meet you at noon. I expect you to be there at noon. I could be there at noon, or then again at one. If you are late however and I am there, the deal is off. Got that?”
“Yes Sir. May I suggest the meeting is in the café ‘Friends’ in Mill Street.”
“Yes you may; I like your suggestion.”

“Thank you Sir most kind of you.”
“You are welcome. We will meet at café ‘Townhall’ on the Market Place.”
“But Sir you just said you liked my suggestion.”
“Yeah, and? I liked your suggestion but prefer my decision, gotta problem with that?”
“No Sir, thank you Sir. I will be there. I won’t bother you again.”
“Hold on, not so fast; don’t you want advice on clothing.”
“Sorry Sir, yes that would be kind.”
“No trousers, you can choose though dress or skirt, as long as it is well above the knee.”

“But Sir, I am 43, I do have a good figure but can’t be running around as a schoolgirl.”
“Well don’t bother then, you will fail if you don’t show your legs. They are hot, right, your legs?”
“So I’ve been told Sir. I have one shorter dress and one ….. oh sorry …… two short skirts.”
“Tight fits?”
“The dress is tight Sir, the skirts aren’t; one is a tennis skirt, white and very short I could get into trouble for wearing that; the other one is tartan a bit longer but with an overlap closure. If there is a bit of wind ……..”
“Okay the tartan,” I said, “I like tartan, it will not get you into trouble but you will stand out more. Wearing a short tartan this time of year, people will notice, oh and no stockings.”

“But Sir will allow me to wear panties, please Sir.”
“Panties are fine, it might be windy and I don’t want you to get arrested. No bra however, your tits can do without a bra, right?”
“Yes Sir they are still firm; do you want me to wear a shirt or sweater.”
“No a blouse, a tight blouse and in the right colour; I want to be able to monitor your nipples at all times. See-through would be great but not mandatory, but the better I can monitor the more points. You are eager to get good grades, right?”
“Yes Sir, I am. Any request for shoes?”
“Heels of course, just use your imagination on what looks hot with the tartan.”
“Yes Sir, trust me I will.”


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