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 I had been writing and publishing several stories on kink.com and it seemed nobody responded and seemed interested. But then one of the members (thecobra08) pointed out the amount of hist each story had and that made me decide to go on and even ask for a separate forum. What better way to celebrate this then with a royal birthday

Wired Pussy: Royal birthday

Because this story is something of a reality show I will give no other names to my characters. Eat your heart out Princess.

This is all happening on the day that Princess Donna has her birthday. She hates it when she has to work on her birthday. Today is a Thursday and so the new shoot will have to be posted by the end off the day. This morning she had an urgent telephone call, that the first and last scene of this shoot (with Devaun) had gone missing. Could she re-shoot them this afternoon? She had been thinking of going home early, putting her feet up, and thinking about the preparations for the party on Saturday.
“Well, OK, I’ll do anything for my members, go and pick up Devaun and I’ll prep the basement.”
At six o’clock, she’s back in her office, tired but very happy she has got it all completed in time.  A knock on the door; it’s Peter.
“Hi Donna, congratulations; some of the colleagues have planned a little birthday party for you.”
“Well I have been working hard this afternoon”, Donna replies, “So I am not really in for a party right now.” “No, no,” Peter says, “They all have been working hard for the preparations, and I am sure you will enjoy it.” Finally Donna gives in.

As she arrives at the party, everybody seems to be there: Mark Davis, Lobobo, Harmony, Isis, Claire Adams, Annette Schwarz, Sarge, Amber Rayne, Sara Faye….. They all welcome her and have the loveliest presents. Harmony gives her a sort of leather bra (with no cups) with copper strips on them. In the middle there is a bar sticking out between the two breasts (she’s immediately demonstrating) with a little cross bar attached to the other end.
On the ends of this bar are nipple clamps, but in a way that the tits and nipples are stretched out as far as one would like. Harmony looks like Madonna, with her tits stretched out all the way. As she wants to take the present off, Donna forbids her to.
The next present she gets – from Isis – is leather handcuffs with metal strips on the inside. Donna seems surprised, it’s a strange gift; she has more than enough handcuffs. For now she takes the handcuffs and puts them on to Harmony, who is trying to get this bra off again.
“You keep it on now. You look very sexy in it and I want to enjoy that a bit more.”

Then Claire Adams gives her a present.
“The last to presents both have a remote control device on them, so you can put electricity on them as well. Here is your remote control and a battery.”
Now Donna smiles: “I love this, please Claire let’s have a demonstration right away.”
Harmony squeaks a she feels the electricity around her tits and on her nipples.
“What the fuck is that?” she cries, as Claire uses the switch to activate her handcuffs.

Then the lovely Jade Marxxx makes her entry.
“Sorry, I come in empty handed Your Highness”, as she gently kisses Donna. “I thought that I would present myself. You can have me for training next week and you do not have to pay me. If I am not doing a good job, I will submit myself to your cattle prod.”
“Oh, my lovely Jade, I am sorry”, as her hand glides under Jade’s dress and up to her panties. “All these presents make me so fucking horny. And I can feel on these wet panties of yours that you are also very excited on this. Would you already want the cattle prod un this dirty cunt.”
She keeps Jade’s dress up, so that anyone on the party can see how she gropes and twists her cuntlips.

“Please Mistress, not the cattle prod on my pussy.”
Donna snaps at her: “Call me Princess you dirty slut.” She chokes Jade and slaps her face several times. Then Donna says: “Pull op your dress, keep it up and spread your legs. Let it anyone see what kind of a dirty whore you are”
Then Donna gets the panties to the side and sticks four fingers all the way up Jade’s pussy. She shoves them up and down really hard and uses her thumb to rub her clit.
“Oh my gawd, please can I cum mistress.”
“No you can’t, it is far too soon. If you do cum without my permission, I will stick the cattle prod in your filthy cunt, and shock you internally.”
Jade is getting all red in her face, the arteries in her neck are all swollen up, she breathes heavily, and she starts moaning.
“Oh fuck…gawd….shit…I cannot hold it any longer. Get your fingers out of my pussy, bitch. I have got to cum. Please let me…..aaaahhhhh…….oh gawd…….fuck, bitch.”
Then she screams loud and for the first time in her life she squirts.
“OK slut”, Donna says, “Get off those panties and clean up the floor. I think there is so much though that you have to use your dress as well. When you’re finished you can put your panties in Harmony’s mouth to shut that bitch up.

 Harmony is in agony. Her nipples are hurting so bad. Isis and Claire have been shocking her in the meantime. Her tits are so stretched that the skin is on the edge of bursting open. Annette Schwarz tries to add to the fun by sticking the cane in that stretched skin and on her nipples.
Meanwhile Mark Davis is getting his hands into Harmony’s jeans and as these already mark a very wet spot. Amber, Annette and Sara have been looking at this for a while and the Sarge orders them to take off their clothes. He then orders them to hold each other and kiss, while he walks around them and uses the single tail whip on them.
Donna is getting all excited.
"Oh this is so much fun, just a pity that Blondie is not here”.

Then the door opens and Steve Holmes enters: “I brought you two presents".
Behind him there are two parcels, with just two legs sticking out. He leads them by the ribbon wrapped around it.
"Unpack them both and pick the one you want. I’ll put the other on to use by the rest of the party.”
Donna is all excited as she unwraps her present. The first one is Sara Jane Ceylon. The minute she is unwrapped, she lies down on the floor, head down and presenting her ass to the Princess.
“Please take me and abuse all my filthy holes your highness.”
Donna hardly listens to her and in complete anticipation of her other present.
“Oh, my filthy little redhead”, she says as she finds out it is Madison Young. Madison puts her arms behind her back, spreads her legs and pushes out her titties and cunt.
“I am here for you to use and abuse me and I beg you to give so much pain that I can have an orgasm out of it.”  

Both girls are dressed in very tight latex panties with no crutches, have long stockings, held up by a latex garter belt, and have a tight latex top, just covering a piece of the arms, their shoulders and their neck. The latex around the neck is so tight, that both girls have a red head and have trouble breezing. They are also gagged with a tube gag and the spit and slime is running all over their bodies.
“My, my, that’s nice; so you are the presents; a pity that I must choose now.”
Donna thinks for a second and the door swings open.
“Wait, they do have presents as well”, Sabrina Fox says. “Blondie has a special butt plug that you can double in size, as well as use to shock her, using this remote control.” She shows Donna the device and says: “And I am here to assist you if you were to choose Blondie. But first I need to find the bathroom.”
“There is no time for that”, Donna says “There is an inflatable swimming pool in the corner. I think Amber, Annette and Sara are lying in it. You can use them for a toilette.”

The last guest to arrive is Riley Shy.
“I have a remote control as well. Similar to Blondie’s anal plug you can control Madison’s dildo with this one. I am here to assist you on Madison if you were to choose her.”
“Well I have made a decision”, Donna says as she pushes Madison aside. She goes over to Sara Jane, grabs her hair and pulls her on her feet.
“I really love to play with you, day and night”, she says pulling the girls nipples very hard and twisting them. “But I already play with you, day and night. So you go over there and play with the rest of the crowd, while we are going to have fun with Madison here. I never was with her before. Bye, bye, Blondie”
Sara Jane looks a bit disappointed but is on the other hand glad, she will come of easy this time.
“And as for you two”, Donna says grabbing Riley’s hair, “I want Steve to repeat what he did to you on Sex and Submission and I will repeat the same treatment to the Madison slut here. In the meantime you hurt her on the inside of her cunt. I really love all these new wireless devices.”

Steve starts hitting Riley in the face very hard, and then goes down on her tits. He hits her numerous times and pulls and twists her nipples. Than he slaps her cunt very hard, snapping to her to keep her filthy whore legs apart. Because of the dildo Madison can’t be hit on her cunt, so instead Donna takes her cunt lips, stretches them to the maximum, twists them and pulls them apart.
“I should pin them to your legs”.
She hangs on the labia with full weight.  As Steve touches Riley’s cunt and clit she starts to breath heavily. He puts his cock in her mouth and pushes through deep down her throat. He pulls her closer to Madison.
“If you throw up any spit and slime, you can spit all in Madison’s mouth. Do not swallow any of it yourself. Remember all that spit is mine and I decide what to do with it.”
Meanwhile Donna is pounding Madison’s mouth with a strap-on. She tells Riley to cum and squirt all over Madison. Madison is completely covered. It is dripping from her hair and all over her body.

Donna lays her on the ground sits on her belly and starts to pull her nipples as hard as she can. She orders Riley to shock the bitch and Steve to slap her wherever he can. After a few minutes Madison has a very long orgasm. She shouts at Donna:
“You fucking Highness bitch pull my nipples harder."
As she has finished, Donna tells Riley to lie on top of Madison, in the pool of cum. She gives the two girls ten minutes to lick each other clean.
Then she says to Steve: “Let’s go and find out what’s happening with Blondie. I am so fucking hot.”
She rubs her own clit and slaps her royal pussy while walking across the room.

She sees Blondie sitting on a sofa, with Mark on one side and Lobobo on the other. One after the other they are feeding her cock. In the meantime Harmony and Isis are whipping the poor girl’s front with a bull whip and a single tail whip. Then the phone starts ringing.
Amber is in the swimming pool fucking Sara Faye doggy style in the ass with a strap-on. The phone rings again. On the other side of Sara is Annette who feeds her the urine from the pool. As Sara doesn’t want to drink she slaps her hard in the face.
Annette cries out: “I haven’t had so much fun since I shot Sexbox volume 3”.
Donna thinks: “What is this now. It is fun, but is it work, is it time off.”
The phone rings again.
“Why doesn’t somebody answers the fucking phone? Oh, no, it is not work or time off, it is a dream. It’s not the phone, it’s my alarm.”
Then she sits up in the bed. She is fully awake. Her bed is all wet and she smells her sweet cuntjuices. Then she picks up the phone and dials.
As they pick up she says: “Round up as much models as you can find in the armoury, I have a great idea for a shoot. I am going to have party.”


- o – And she lived happily ever after – o -

Starmaster, 30 may 2009

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