Whipped Ass: “Get her, she did it” 

Mary (Devaun) and Carol (Sara Faye) go to a superstore that they visit frequently. The moment they enter the shop’s detective (Claire Adams) – dressed up in a uniform is very alert.
“Damned, there they are again. The two bitches that have been shoplifting for a while, but never were caught. Today, I’ll catch them.”
She spies on the two women as they are looking for some sexy underwear. Suddenly Mary sees the detective and whispers in her friend’s ear.
“Watch out. That bossy bitch is watching us. Let’s leave the store quietly.”
The moment they want to leave however, they hear a friendly but very firm voice.
“Could I see you two ladies in my office for a minute?”
The question is asked quite loud and all the other clients are looking their way. The girls decide two follow the detective. 

The minute the door closes behind them, the friendly tone of the detective changes.
“Well I have had it with you two. Every time you come in here to knick things and I finally think I can prove it. So, you two are going to wait here until the police arrive.”
She picks up the phone and starts dialling a number. Mary jumps up, while Carol tries to pull her back.
“Couldn’t we arrange something else, I mean without the police?” 
Then Carol grabs Mary’s hair and pulls her roughly back on the chair.
“Shut up, stupid cow. She has no proof of any of this.”
The detective however seems interested and with a quasi sweet voice she asks: “What do you have in mind dear? Do not dare to bribe with money. But if you would prefer me to do the interrogation rather than the police, just say so sweetie.”

The two girls get in a discussion, that gets a bit out of hand and physical from time to time.
“Why would you agree on that, dumb bitch?”
Carol snaps to Mary as she pulls her hair and slaps her face. Mary spits in her face and slaps back.  
“I’ve got no choice, you know it would be my third offence in a row, and this time I would do hard time.”
The detective breaks up the fight.
“Now, now ladies, you kiss and make up now.”
She grabs both girls by the hair and forces their lips together. After a short while the girls start kissing passionately.

As she pulls them apart, she says: “OK that will do, you little sluts. Now you have to agree whether you want the police or not and be quick about it otherwise I will make up your mind for you.”
Then Carol sighs: “OK, no police.”
The detective is not completely satisfied: “Do you understand that I will do the interrogation in a physical manner and that your sentencing would be painful and physical? Do you understand that you will have to follow my orders, submit to my command, and only speak when you’re asked a question? You will have to address me as ‘Miss Adams’. Now do you understand these rules?”
The two girls look up to her, sigh and say: “Yes, Miss Adams.”
She then picks up the phone and says: “Cancel all my appointments; I do not want to be disturbed the rest of the day.”

In the next scene we see the two girls both with their wrists attached to a high crossbar and their legs wide apart with the ankles also attached to a crossbar. They stand next to each other. The detective has changed her uniform for a copy of a uniform in latex. She is busy cutting of the girl’s top.
As she sees the girls’ bra’s she recognises them as being from the store.
“These titties should be severely punished for hiding in stolen property”.
She pulls the nipples and slaps them very hard.
“Please stop, Miss Adams. Really I didn’t steal anything”, Mary says.
“Stop wining you filthy slut, you already confessed before in my office. Now what about you cunt?” she says as she abuses Carol’s tits, “do you want to confess anything?”
Carol laughs and says: “I did not do anything wrong and even if I did I wouldn’t confess it to you, bitch”

The detective is furious, slaps her in the face and tells her that she is going to regret that remark. She takes a whip and flogs her hard on her tits, ass, back and belly.
Every time she says: “My name is Miss Adams. Don’t you ever call me names again young lady.”
As Carol’s skin is red all over she finally agrees to say: “Yes Miss Adams, I am a filthy lying cunt and I will obey you at all times.
Then the detective cuts up the girls’ skirts. She cuts the bottom parts of their panties just leaving the bit of string around the belly.
“Now if you are both good girls, I might give you some other clothes at the end of the day. Who knows I might even let you cum. Turn so that you are opposite of one another and start kissing.”
As a leather belt lands on the girls asses, she says: “Come on, do it with more passion. I know it turns you on. These pussies are dripping wet.”

She grabs the girl’s pussies and squeezes them hard.
“Now we are going to play the game differently. I just want you to tell me about the things the other one stole. You girls are going to betray one another. You go on kissing each other and I am going to use the single tail whip on you. Only when you are ready to give away your girlfriend, you can open up your filthy mouth.”
As the detective think that Carol is the tougher one she gets twice as many hits. The detective just walks around the girls hitting harder each round.
“You girls take your time now, it’s OK, and I am having lots of fun.

Finally when the two girls are marked all over their body, Mary cracks. She is in tears begging her girlfriend permission to betray her.
Carol says: “Please do, honey. I can master all the pain, but I cannot see you in tears. Please tell Miss Adams what a filthy thieving whore I am.”
After the confession she takes the girls down. She lies on the ground, her legs wide apart. She orders one of the girls to eat her pussy and the other to sit on her belly. As this one is ordered to caress Miss Adam’s tits she slaps the poor girls’ face and tits and squeezes her cunt.
After a few minutes the girls have to change position. When Miss Adams gets close on cumming she orders the girls to play with themselves, and one of the girls to count backwards from thirty.
“You fucking cum at the same time as me, or not all, you filthy sluts.” As the countdown finishes the three women explode in a wild triple orgasm.

When the orgasm rage is over, Miss Adams gets up and throws some clothes at the two girls.
“Now you get dressed and get the fuck out of here. You will be back next Wednesday at nine o’clock sharp. I will then give you your sentencing.”
Then Carol crawls on her knees to Miss Adams and humbly asks: “Please will you force me to confess and betray my friend, before that.”
“You are such a good girl”, Miss Adams says gently slapping her face, “Yes I will please us all by abusing you again.”

Starmaster, 26 may 2008

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