Sex and Submission: “Use my bitch for payment” 

Kirsty (Lorelei Lee) and John (Chris Charming) are on a hitch hike holiday. The day before this story starts they were walking around for hours and hours to find a place to stay. They had been asking at houses if they could stay the night or look for a place where they might put op their small tent for free. It had been a very unlucky day however.
They had not found place so far and it was almost midnight when they arrived at a farmhouse. There was no light on so they assumed the occupants had already gone to bed. The rain was pouring very hard; so it wasn’t the best of times to put up a tent. As John went looking around the back of the house he saw a barn of which the door wasn’t locked. He waved at Kirsty and both entered the barn. It was hard to see anything and there didn’t seem to be an electric light switch. The batteries of John’s torch were almost empty so that didn’t help very much.
“At least it is dry here”, John said putting the luggage down.
They found a small haystack at the other end of the barn and arranged some sort of bed in it. They took off their clothes that were completely soaked and lay down under their sleeping bags. They were exhausted and it didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

At the crack of dawn John woke up because of a rooster clearly indicating that a new day had arrived. He looked at Kirsty next to him, just wearing her tiny panties.
“Oh, fuck, she is a sexy thing”, he thinks to himself.
It has only been three weeks that he met her at that bar. The two of them had hit it off immediately and only after three days she surprised him with the idea of this holiday. Three weeks with a minimum of luggage, a small tent, hardly any money and just each other. No problems in the first three days finding a place to put up their tent.
The only problem being that they were too tired to fuck at night and in the morning there were kids running around really early in the morning. Looking at Kirsty’s body is enough to give him a hard boner. This girl is so experienced sexually although she just turned eighteen last month. John asked her about it and she said that she had tried all kinds of sex from the age of 14.
“That is if you don’t count fooling around and oral sex”, she had added, “Because I started with that when I was eleven. There is not much I have not tried out: boys, girls, older men, and kinky stuff, you name it and I did it. And besides I loved it all.”
Compared to this girl John felt he was rather a newbie in this area, although he was almost ten years older as her. 

He starts to play with her breasts and her nipples erect immediately. She is still fast asleep but moans and breathes deep as he goes on playing with her breasts and sucks her nipples. John wonders what she is dreaming of. Then slowly she wakes up and immediately reaches for his cock.
“Oh, I had this great dream”, she says, “You were in it as well; amongst a couple of other men, filling all my holes, as well as some of my girlfriends”.
John replies that he doesn’t need her dirty wet dreams to turn him on.
“Right now I am looking at your sexy body and that’s enough stimulation to me.”
Kirsty takes John by the hand and leads him to a ladder and tells him to stand high enough so that she can deep throat herself. The ladder leans back and she leans forward, using her whole bodyweight to get John’s cock in her mouth as deep as possible. John is not a small built guy and he can feel his cock getting buried in her throat.

“Oh fuck, you are so good at this”, John says, “Take care now or I’ll lose my load now.”
The moment he says this he notices the farmer (Evan Stone) who silently entered the barn.
“What do you think this is?” the farmer asks, “A hotel, a brothel, a sex club?”
John is blushing and tries to get down the ladder as fast as possible. Kirsty stays remarkably calm however.
As John is rapidly looking for his pants, she turns around at the farmer and says: “Sorry sir, but it was really bad weather last night and as you were asleep and the barn was open we just thought you wouldn’t mind.”
“Well you were thinking wrong my girl. This is illegal trespassing and I will notify the police, unless you are willing to pay me for the night of course.”
“Sorry, sir”, John says, “dressing himself as fast as he can, “But we have no money to pay you.” “Well that’s going to be a phone call to the police then, or you must pay me any other way.”

Now it is Kirsty’s time to panic; she runs over to John and whispers in his ear that he must do whatever possible to prevent an encounter with the police.
“They are already out looking for me; I will go to jail for a long time; I am willing to offer him anything to leave the police out.
John tries to reason with the farmer: “Maybe we could work things out. Maybe we could do some work for you here at the farm.”
“I do not think you would be of much use”, the farmer says, “Although I might find some jobs for your girlfriend here. We farmers tend to get lonely; I do not have a wife, so yeah, I do think it would be nice to see her doing some hard labour while we watch and then give a good hard fuck.”
“That’s out of the question”, John says, “Nobody fucks with my girl.”
But Kirsty puts her hand over his mouth and says to the farmer: “That’s quite alright sir: I’ll be happy to render you these services; would I need some working clothes?” 
“I would rather see you perform naked,” the farmer says, “After all we are talking about payments in the flesh, so to speak.”

He grabs Kirsty by the hair and forces her on all fours.
“Just follow me young lady and you can come and watch if she’s doing a good job. It might teach you how to handle your bitch in the future.”
Kirsty is still just wearing her panties; the farmer is walking at hard pace and from time to time she cannot keep up. Every time she falls down he just drags her through the dirt by her hair. As she screams he stops and kicks her ass with his dirty boots. At last they arrive at a pigsty; it seems that the pigs just were transferred to another cage. It is filled with pig’s shit and it smells awful.
“You go in there and get all that dong out. I do not have any tools for you, so you can just use your hands”.

John cannot believe his eyes when he watches Kirsty going to work immediately. After about half an hour she has completed the job. She is now dirty all over her body; sweats all over her body and smells terrible.
“Well it is time we clean her up a bit, don’t you agree son?”
“Yes”, John replies, “It is nice from you to grant her a shower.”
“Well I wouldn’t call it that, but yeah, I’ll clean the bitch up before I fuck her.”
The farmer takes them back to the barn where they spent the night. He let’s Kirsty walk this time because even her hair is to dirty to touch it. He tells her to walk with her arms folded behind her back and her legs wide apart. “You keep all those toy holes available dear, even when they are too filthy to touch.”

At arrival at the barn he tells her to stand with her face to the wall a little more than a yard from the wall and rest against the wall with her elbows. Then he makes her stand on her toes.
“Well I got to get all my gear together first and then I’ll smoke a cigar first. Kirsty feels that her calves are already starting to hurt and she cannot keep this position much longer. She is in anticipation of what is going to happen next and she giggles, as she always does when she is nervous.
“Are we laughing bitch?” the farmer asks, “We will get that smile of your face. Here son, you help me out and put these on her nipples.”
The farmer hands a couple of clamps to John.
“I am really sorry to hurt you”, John says as he puts on the clamps.
“That’s okay”’ she says, “I can handle that.”
Then the farmer hands John some pieces of chain.
“Let’s find out if she can handle that as well; attach these to the clamps.”
John thinks it is wise to follow orders and not say anything to Kirsty again. He might make it even worse for her with his remarks.
“Since you’ve stopped talking”, the farmer says to Kirsty, “I want you to start kissing the wall in front of you. Hot and wet kisses; like it is your lover here; I really want you to worship that wall.

John doesn’t understand why she is obeying to this all and how she is holding up. Kirsty’s calves start to cramp and her legs are trembling heavily. Her nipples hurt like hell and her tits are almost twice their normal size.
“You can put your heels to the ground, but for the rest you need to remain your position. Oh and if those nipples are hurting to much you can take those clamps off. If you can reach them without taking your elbows of the wall, that’s okay. Otherwise you can wiggle them off.”
Kirsty tries to reach them with her hands but that’s impossible; wiggling them off is too hurtful; she decides to leave them on then. As the farmer sees this he suggests that John takes them off with his teeth. John sees the danger of this and realizes that he has to get very close with his nose to his girlfriend and she really smells awful.
“Please honey, help me out here”, Kirsty begs.
So John takes up his difficult task; she cries in agony as he takes the first one off. With the second one she moves slightly as he gets his teeth on it. It slips out between his teeth and clamps back on again. He succeeds the second time but this time she cries even harder.

“You suck on her nipples as hard as you can to bring the blood back again.”
John starts to suck those nipples very hard, thinking he’s doing Kirsty a favour.
As she moans heavily suffering the new pain, the farmer says: “That’s not my fault honey; it’s your boyfriend who has put them on and who took them off.”
“I know sir, thank you sir.”

In the meantime the farmer is ready with his preparations and has finished his cigar. He takes the high pressure water hose and turns it on the poor girl. The water is ice cold and hurts really bad on her back. He gives a broom to John and orders him to wipe all the dirt of his girlfriend. Then she is told to let go of the wall and turn around. She is so tired in her legs that she can hardly stand up.
The farmer tells her to stand against the wall and spread her legs further. After this water torture she does feel clean but intense cold as well.
“You want to warm up, dear?” the farmer asks.
“Yes please sir”, Kirsty says.
For the second time John thinks the farmer has gone friendly but feels it is wise not to comment again. The farmer takes a bull whip and starts whipping the girl. Every hit leaves a mark on the girl’s skin and she is soon turning red all over her body. After 15 minutes he tells John to feel her skin and find out if she is warm.
“Yes, sir”, John says, “She feels warm all over her body now.”
“Now check if she’s hot between her legs. Stick a couple of fingers in her pussy and find out if it is hot and wet.”

The moment John slides into her cunt, he feels that it is warm and wet.
“Oh fuck she is horny now sir.” John can’t believe how his girl can be so wet after so much punishment.
“You keep playing with that pussy”, the farmer says, “And I’ll fuck that mouth.”
As the farmers arrives with his cock sticking out of his trousers she willingly sinks on her knees.
“How can you be so obedient, after being abused so hard?” John asks.
“Oh honey”, Kirsty says, “Don’t you understand; this is really the way I like to be fucked.”
Kirsty drools a lot of spit as she is fucked deep down her throat.
“Use that spit as lube to prepare her ass”, the farmer says.
After about ten minutes the farmer turns her around, falls on his knees and sticks his cock in her ass. 

“Now you get your cock out and stick it into her mouth; we can do her together.”
John opens his trousers but just before he puts it in her mouth he asks: “Would you like me to throat fuck you dear?”
“Yeah you both fuck me at the same time”, Kirsty says, “Like the little slut whore I am.”
“You fucking dirty little bitch”, John says and slaps her hard in the face.
He cannot believe his girl. The farmer tells John to lie down on the ground and orders Kirsty to sit down with John’s cock up her asshole. He stands before the girl, bends over and opens his cheeks. Kirsty knows exactly what he wants and sticks her tongue in his asshole.
The farmer strokes his cock and knows this is not going to last very long. He gets down on his knees and sticks his cock in her pussy. He tells John to pull on the girl’s hair while he is slapping her face and her tits. As John is pulling harder on her hair she moves her head back as far as she can, thus choking herself. At the same time the farmer pulls her body up by her nipples. There is no way that she can hold this any longer.
Both guys feel her inside contracting as she has a long and hard orgasm. Than the guys pull out and spray their cum all over her body. “I could do with another shower again”, Kirsty says as she has regained her breath.

“How could you have known that my girlfriend would be in for this type of sex?”, John asks.
“Oh”, the farmer says, “I recognized her immediately. I have practically all her films on tape. She has been making illegal porn over 4 years now: teen, lesbian, DP, BDSM, ATM, you name it, she did it. And I saw in the papers last week that the police are looking for her. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw her this morning.”
“Well”, Kirsty says, “I couldn’t believe my luck either when you proposed to put me to use.”
Then John says: “I seemed to be unhappy at first, but hey I got lucky in the end as well.”

 Starmaster, 17 June 2008

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