Sex and Submission: “Super Annie”

Annie (Missy Monroe) works in a supermarket as a cashier. She likes her job because she likes to be in contact with the customers and the pay is alright. It is not the best job in the world, but it pays the bills and she has a lot. She just has some problems with the manager. He always looks and acts out to get into every girl’s panties. He was handsome though and she was into older men, but he wouldn’t like the kind of sex she was into.
She liked it rough and with lots of corporal punishment. When she would tell that to her boyfriends they would back off immediately. The last time she had really good sex was when she was eighteen, four years ago. Her father gave her corporal punishment when she was a younger girl and she fucked up. She loved that, but he stopped it when she grew older.
That day she had called her mother a fucking cuntwhore. He got out his belt and striped her ass until it was all bruised up. She went to her room immediately after that and stuck a dildo in her cunt and came.

She couldn’t sit properly for days; but since then she lived on her own; dad broke off the contact and she pretty much lived in celibacy. Her only joy was watching the shoots at kink, especially the ones with Mark Davis. The manager in the super looked a bit like him so that was alright. The only thing was that he accused her of stealing. She had probably made a few mistakes the other day and two days in a row her cash came up $ 10.00 short.
The manager told her that at the next mistake she would be fired. She needs this job really bad. As she is on a coffee break the manager (Mark Davis) takes over and takes $ 5.00 from the cash. At the end of the day he gives her the choice of being fired or spending the evening with him in the store room. There was no doubt in her mind that he was to have sex with her.
Maybe not the kind she likes, but it would be sex with a real man after all. At closing time she went to the bathroom as he had ordered. He had given her a package with clothes she needed to wear on their night out.

She could hear all her colleagues leaving as she opened the package. Out came a very sexy dress in black and red latex. Whatever she did though she couldn’t get it on; it was so tight that it wouldn’t go over her moist skin and all the sweating just made it worse. When the manager came to collect her she asked for some oil. Mark, the manager brought her a bottle of olive oil and she smeared it all over her body. After that the dress would go on but was way too small for her luscious tits. As she came out of the bathroom he put a collar around her neck with a leash and took her to the store room.

“Now you’ve got to have to accept, that I will have it all my way”, Mark said. “I like it rough and kinky and if you want to keep this job, you will do as I say young lady.”
Annie can’t believe what she’s hearing. She’s totally flabbergasted; would this mean: whips and floggers and pain and kinky?
Mark continues: “I will not hear a word from you unless I ask you a question. Proper answers are: Yes sir; thank you sir; please can I have more sir and permission to cum sir. Is that understood, young lady?”
“Oh yes sir; I really like this myself; I am totally into this too sir.”
He slaps her hard in the face: “Stick to the answers I gave you, cunt.”
“Yes sir, thank you sir; please can I have more sir?”
“That’s what I thought”, Mark says and slaps her three times hard on every cheek.
As he is about to slap her a fourth time on the right cheek, she hastily says: “Thank you sir.”
Mark is disappointed that she didn’t ask for more.

He binds a spreader bar between her ankles and between her wrists. He ties the bar between her wrists to the fork of a forklift and pulls her up forcing her to stand on her toes.
“You are such a dirty girl”, he says spitting her in the face. “It was about time that you were out here to play with me.”
He spits again and feels her body all over. He squeezes her tits and fondles her between her legs. He gets cross when he finds out she’s still wearing her panties.
“Did you not understand that I wanted you available in every hole?”
Annie knows that she screwed up on that one. “Yes sir”, she says.
“Why have you not taken them off then?” 

Annie wants to pull up her shoulders, but that’s impossible. There is not a suitable answer in the list.
“Answer me, why have you not taken them off then?” He slaps her cunt with every word he says. It stings like hell so she needs to say something to stop him from repeating that question.
“Please can I have more, sir”, is the only possibility she’s left with. It gives her ten more on the snatch.
Mark is fondling and squeezing Annie’s tits; she loves it. She knows that she is going to cum quickly if he keeps on doing that. She suspects that she might be denied having an orgasm so soon, so she thinks it is wise to ask in advance.
“Permission to cum sir?” she asks.
“That’s not an answer”, Mark says and starts slapping her tits.
“Please may I have your permission to cum, sir?” she begs. 

“No you may not. You’re not allowed to ask questions and you may only answer when questioned. Do you think my rules are too difficult to remember?”
Before she realizes her next mistake, she says: “No sir.”
“Now I keep on slapping these tits until they come out of that dress. It seems that you like this and keep screwing up on purpose.”
Annie gives in: “Yes sir, thank you sir; please can I have more, sir?”
She never realizes that the last part is a question as well. She is so confused and overwhelmed that’s she will agree on anything as long as she can have an orgasm.
“Have you seen these new ice cubes we’re selling in the supermarket?”
Annie nods; she’s afraid she might be tricked again here.
“You need to be cooled off to prevent you from having an orgasm,” Mark says.
He stuffs four large ice cubes in her mouth: “Don’t you dare to swallow, cunt. I want to see it all melt and drool over your body.” 

He then puts five ice cubes in Annie’s pussy, holds one to melt on her clit and one a nipple. Her nipples are so hard and big that they melt away the ice cube in less than a minute. He immediately holds an ice cube on the other nipple.
“We don’t want that one to feel neglected, do we now?”
Annie has decided to stick with only one answer and says: “Please can I have more, sir.”
“Since you ask so nicely; you can have more.”
As the whole package has been melted Mark says: “Let’s play a game. Good girls can keep their legs together if their Master wants them to. I want you to keep this deep frozen chicken between your thighs. If you fail I will use the belt on you.”

Annie needs all her force to pull herself up to be able to press her upper legs together as her legs are still widely spread. Besides, this chicken is so immense cold that the thing nearly freezes to her clit. She doesn’t mind being belted normally, but this belt has copper stars pressed into it.
So with all her force she hangs on to the chicken. Her pussy and upper legs have gone numb anyway.
“Just three more minutes”, Mark says, “But I just make it a little more difficult.”
Annie is determined to make it stick for three more minutes. As Mark comes back he has a stack of newspapers as well as a bunch of leeks. He rolls up the newspaper and holds it in his left hand and a leek in his right hand. He starts hitting her with both items.
The newspaper just stings but the leek really stripes and leaves a burning sensation. Besides it seems that all the strikes drag the force out of her body. She can’t hold herself up anymore and she feels the chicken slowly moving. “Your almost there, just another 30 seconds”, Mark says taking a fresh leek.
It’s no use she cannot hold her grip any longer.
“I am sorry sir”, she sighs with her last force.

He comforts her, kissing her and calling her a good girl.
“You want me to warm up, your cunt again?”
As she gives the right answer he slaps her with the leek. He starts out really gently though and Annie feels her blood flowing back there. It still hurts but it makes her feel good as well.
“Shall I continue this until you have an orgasm?”
He doesn’t wait for the answer but grabs a cucumber and shoves it between her cuntlips. Annie’s muscles on the inside of her cunt contract heavily and she feels that she could crush that cucumber. The leek is still gently landing on her clit and she’s starting to breathe heavily.
“Oh shit, oh fuck”, she says. She stops as she realizes that she’s saying things she’s not allowed.
“Oh yeah”, Mark says, “It’s okay. Don’t stop now: while I make you cum you must talk dirty to me; call me names; offend me and I make you cum.”

Annie is not used talking dirty to others, but as she’s not responding he gets the cucumber out of her and stops with the leek.
“If you don’t talk, I will not let you cum.” Annie really needs it now: “Put the cucumber in my fuck hole, you son of a bitch. You make me cum now, you fucking bastard; you filthy weasel; stick your own cucumber in my mouth; hit me with that leek, stupid asshole.”
With every insult from her mouth he pounds the cucumber further in and hits her harder with the leek.
“Oh you fucking baaaaassssttttaaaarrrrgggghhhh…….”
She squirts all over the cucumber. He unties her and leaves her resting on the concrete floor while she’s licking the cucumber clean.

Annie is totally exhausted and it takes her at least 30 minutes to get back in shape again. Mark has given her a blanket, but she’s still on the cold concrete floor. She’s so overwhelmed by the things that have happened. This was by far the best sex she ever had and she hoped there would be more.
As Mark comes to check on her and asks how she feels her only response is: “Please can I have more, sir.”
“Let’s forget about those rules,” Mark says, “Yes I want to have more too. I want you to get into the shop and bring me things I need to use on you or what we can have fun with. You put it all in your shopping cart and get back here. Oh and here is the € 20 that was missing from your cash. I had to think of something to trap you.”
She went over to him and kissed him on the cheek and said: “Thank you for doing that, you have made me such a happy girl.”
“Now move on”, Mark says smacking her ass, “We haven’t got all night.”
He doesn’t want her to see that he feels a bit emotional by this reaction.


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