Sex and Submission: ‘Who really got fucked here?’     Posted: 09-06

A woman (Tara – Sara Faye) comes home from a visit to her (female) gynaecologist (Dr. Anna Kildare – Sabrina Fox). She is really surprised to find her husband (Mark –Mark Davis) at home. Mark however is really surprised that Tara is home this late. It is after six o’clock and her appointment was at one. Tara looks very sweaty; her hair all mixed up and is wearing a long overcoat although it is mid July.
“Why don’t you take your coat of, dear, and why are you so late?” Tara doesn’t know what to say at first, and then she stammers: “Well…erm…it was very busy and the doctor was called away and…..”
Mark helps her out of her coat and sees that her blouse is missing all its buttons, she’s wearing no skirts and there are big holes in her stockings.
“What the fuck are you walking around like that?”
“Well”, Tara said, “I am so sorry Mark but I was fucked by the doctor. It is really not my fault Mark. She strapped me to the table and then took advantage of me. I tried to defend myself, but she restrained me and tied my arms to the table. I was gagged as well so I couldn’t scream. It is really not my fault, I was raped actually.”

Mark takes her in his arms to comfort her. His hands go up and down her back and then touch her panties. He roughly pulls her panties up and asks as he pulls her hair: “Why your panties all are soaked then? It seems to me you were having a bit of fun out of it too?”
“I couldn’t help it. First of all she wiped her filthy pussy off with my panties and then she put them back on to me and made me cum, really hard. She forced an orgasm out of me.”
“How could you have an orgasm if you were not enjoying yourself,” Mark says slapping her in the face, “After all she is a woman and you are not lesbian, are you?”
“Well, she had four fingers shoving in and out my cunt, while robbing my clit with her thumb. And she treated me just the way you do, when you make me cum, sir. You know hair pulling, face slapping and pulling and twisting my nipples.”

Mark rips her bra off and heavily slaps her breasts.
“I taught you orgasm control, slut. So you should know how to fight it, especially when it is a given to you without my explicit allowance. And a woman as well, you dirty lesbian cow. Now go upstairs, clean yourself up and get in position. I’ll be up there in ten minutes to punish you with my bull whip.”
“Yes master. I am sorry I let you down sir. I am a very lucky slave to get my punishment from you, sir.”

While the whipping goes on for a long time, there is hardly a word spoken. Every now and then Mark tells her to show another part of her body and reminds her constantly that it all belongs to him and that he can do as he pleases. She never releases a tone, besides: “Yes sir”, and, “Thank you sir.”
Finally he lays down the whip and tells her to reward him for the punishment by giving him a deep throat blowjob. As she sits on her knees, legs wide apart, he forces his cock deep down her throat and tells her to play with her filthy cunt.
“Do it just the filthy way you did it at the doctor’s, slut.”
Then he made her put clips on nipples and pussy lips, all attached to one another with a chain. The moment he released all his cum in her mouth, he told her to sit up straight and keep it all in there. She holds her head back to prevent it all from drooling out of her mouth. She knows what will happen if she were to lose a drop.

Then with one feisty movement he rips off all of the clamps at once. She wants to scream, because it hurts like hell. It seems that her nipples and pussy lips are on fire. But screaming would mean that she would lose his cum. So she just moans.
Than he tells her to swallow it all. “You’re a good girl”, I hope you learned your lesson.”
“Thank you master, for teaching this greedy slut, yet again.”

Doctor Anna Kildare is sitting behind her desk. This next patient insisted on heaving an appointment after hours. Besides it is a man and she was told by her assistant that he would come alone.
“Well let’s find out,” she thinks as she presses the buzzer. Mark enters the office and Anna is overwhelmed by his appearance.
“My gawd, is he handsome.” She is blushing and getting very warm.
Then she invites him to sit down and asks: “Well, what can I do for you Mister…erm…?”
She feels all hot and sweaty and her throat is very dry. As she pours herself a glass of water, she trembles and shakes.
“I am Mark Jackson; my wife is one of your patients.”
“Well I have several patients by this name. Besides I couldn’t discuss anything about my patients with you, even if you are the husband.”
Now which Mrs. Jackson could it be? She is searching her brain.
“Surely it wouldn’t be Tara Jackson’s husband, although I think she told me once her husband’s name is Mark.”

She is feeling even more uncomfortable now. As she searches for the right words to say, she feels she cannot speak a word. As she drinks some water she’s sp nervous that she spills half the glass on her blouse. She had taken of her doctor’s coat; it was after hours after all.
The water makes her blouse transparent and as she’s not wearing a bra today he probably can see her breasts now. She feels her nipples growing, trying to stick right through her blouse. She’s afraid to look and just keeps staring at this gorgeous creature.
“Nervous, are we?” Mark is taking control over the situation. “Well you have every right to be. I decided to pay you a visit, instead of calling the police. We could settle this amongst us; give you a taste of your own medicine. Would that be ok than doctor? I don’t think you would like me to officially report a rape on one of your patients?”
“Hold on”, she says, “What do you mean by rape? And besides Tara is not one of my patients.”
Mark gets out of his chair and walks over to Anna. “You look me straight in the eyes and tell me that my wife Tara is not a patient of yours and you didn’t fuck with her yesterday?”

Anna’s reaction starts firmly: “No she’s not a patient of mine. We are friends; I met her in a bar a couple of months ago.” Then she continues less secure of herself: “And yeah, I did fuck her yesterday. But you cannot call that rape.” 
Mark grabs Anna’s hair pulls her out of the chair and makes her sit on the desk. He slaps her face and says: “Explain to me why her clothes were all torn up, and she had bruises from where she was strapped and tied up. Tell me the truth bitch.”
“I do tell you the truth,” Anna cries, “It is not my fault. That’s the way she likes it. She comes here once a week, for her so called appointment, on my day off. She wants me to tie her up and abuse her verbally, physically and sexually. She likes it that way. I am a bisexual woman who likes to be controlled by men, but dominant to other women. And hey, it isn’t my fault that you are neglecting her.”

Mark is getting real furious now.
“What the fuck are you telling. You’re calling my slave a cheat and a liar. You’ll be sorry for that. I’ll teach you.” He rips open Anna’s blouse and grabs for the big nipples. First he pulls them very hard and twists them around. Then he takes her right breast with one hand, squeezes it and slaps it very hard with the other hand. He repeats it several times, the last three times just hitting the nipple.
Then he takes her left breast, repeating the procedure.
“We wouldn’t like this one to feel neglected”
He takes the left nipple pulls her breast up as far as he can, slaps her in the face and when she tries to stand up he presses her down by her shoulder.
“Now I’ll ask you again. Are you calling my wife a liar and a cheat?”
“Well if she called me a rapist, I do call her a liar. And about cheating, well she’s at my door every week, begging me to fuck and abuse her. I don’t see how this could be my fault. But I must say I do like your line of questioning.”

Then Mark shouts: “You come in here immediately, slave Tara.”
As the door opens he commands: “On your knees slave; you know how to present yourself.”
As she reaches her Master, he grabs her hair and pulls her up.
“Now tell me, have you’ve been lying to me?”
The moment she says: “Yes sir, I am sorry sir”, he slaps her face.
Than Anna grabs Tara’s hair and twists her around: “Have you been calling me a rapist?”
Tara says: “Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress.”
Anna slaps the woman’s face shouting: “Do not call me Mistress, slut.”
Tara gets her face slapped by Mark and Anna from both sides, as she says: “Sorry doctor Anna.”
“Then Mark says: “We can punish her together. But you are getting some punishment as well doctor. After all you fucked my slave without my permission.”
“Oh yeah,” Anna says, “Let’s have some fun. You tell us what to do; after all it is your party and I am just happy that I am invited.”

“Ok then,” Mark says as he points to Anna: “You stand there, get your skirt off and spread your legs.”
He slaps the inside of Anna’s thighs: “Come on much further apart.”
He grabs Tara by the hair, pulls her to Anna and says: “You take her panties of, just using your mouth and don’t you dare to bite her.”
As Anna is standing in a wide spread, Tara cannot pull the panties down. She tries to tear them with her mouth, but fails. Mark grabs Anna’s cunt lips as soon as they show, and squeezes and pulls them hard. Anna starts breathing heavily and moaning.
“Don’t you think of having an orgasm without my permission, and I will not grant one so soon. None of my bitches orgasms without permission”.
Then he tells Anna to sit in the chair and open her legs. He tells Tara to put her head between Anna’s legs and stick her nose in her cunt.
“Now Anna, close your legs firmly and make sure Tara will keep sticking her nose in your business as I whip her ass.”
He takes his belt from his pants and starts striping Tara’s beautiful white ass.
“You see, she likes it, I don’t hear any comment at all. It feels good to me and apparently to Tara as well,” Mark says. “And I am having a good time too”, Anna says.

As Tara’s ass has become all red and glowing, Mark gets her head from between Anna’s legs and kisses Tara.
“Would you like to be fucked now?” he asks her. “Yes please, Master”, she replies. “Do you want me to fuck you or would you prefer to be nailed by that lesbian slut there”, he says pointing at Anna.
“I want you to fuck me Master; it is you I belong to.” Anna grabs Tara’s hair pulls her over and reaches for Tara’s pussy lips.
She squeezes and twists them hard and says: “Why don’t you want my dildo in this nasty cunt then?”
Tara replies quickly: “I would like you to fuck me too, Doctor Anna.”
Then Mark turns her around, slaps her pussy and says: “Have you become a lesbian slave all of a sudden? Is she the one you are obeying?”
“Sorry Master”, she says, “I would like to be fucked by both of you, but I do not know if you would grant me that. I am sorry that I have been a bad girl and maybe I do not deserve to be fucked at all. But I am so horny that I would like to be double penetrated. Please, please, let me have it real hard.”

Mark pushes her away and grabs Anna by the hair.
As he slaps her in the face he says: “And now to you young lady.”
He spits in her face, slaps her again and tells her to find the biggest strap-on she has in the house and bring a big dildo as well.
“We are going to fill all her holes today.”
As Anna returns she has a huge black strap-on as well as a rather big and long dildo.
“What do you thing of that?” Mark asks Tara pointing at the strap-on. “Oh, Master I would love to have that in my pussy”, Tara replies.
“Tough luck because you are going to have that one in your ass”, Mark says.

Anna leans back against the desk and spreads her legs. She tells Tara to ‘sit’ on her and put the strap-on in her ass. She fails to get it in and is ordered to kneel down and take it deep in her mouth. As the strap-on is all wet and her spit is dripping from it, Tara tries again.
Mark gets his hand around Tara’s neck and squeezes hard: “I let you breathe again when it is in.”
Anna pulls Tara’s hair and finally she succeeds. It hurts like hell. It feels like there is a whole arm inside her ass. Then Mark penetrates her from the front meanwhile shoving the dildo in her mouth. She gags constantly. Spit is drooling all over her body and as Mark takes out the dildo every now and then, slime is gulping out of her mouth.

Then she feels a big orgasm coming.
“Please Master, can I have an orgasm?”
That is what she wants to ask, but it sounds more like: “Plmmss Mstr, can I ooch szchh schzasm.”
Mark syas: “Sorry dear what were you saying.”
But it is far too late. Mark can feel the heavy contractions around his dick and knows that he is going to be close as well. Tara screams loud while she lets herself go completely. She can feel it coming up all the way down from her toes. She knows that she didn’t have permission, but right now she doesn’t care. She can’t control it anymore.
Anna gets the strap-on out off her and lays Tara on the ground. She is still shaking and trembling. This orgasm seems to last forever. Then Anna sits on Tara’s tits and starts to rub her clit as she pulls the strap-on off. Not long after that she has a big orgasm and squirts all over Tara’s face.
A few seconds later followed by Mark who sprays his come all over Tara’s face. Then Anna and Mark high five and Mark says: “It is so much fun to double team this slut once a week. Next week at our place?”
Tara smiles and says: “Thank you Master and thank you Doctor Anna.”
And Anna corrects her: “You can call me Mistress again, next week I will not play the doctor’s part. We’ll think about another scenario.”

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