Public Disgrace; Playing outside and the initiation of Ineke


It had been a warm summer’s day and the night promised to be sultry and warm; an ideal night for playing outside at last. In Holland there aren’t that many places where one can play outside ‘safely’ and in daytime chances are too high of children passing.

Most subs are okay with adults watching from a distance, but I draw the line at children too. In most cases I have a sign up and adults can choose for themselves if they want to watch or not. In fact it adds to the tension knowing that you are spied upon. That and the knowledge you could get caught or arrested ads to the tension as well as to the kink. So you need to look for special places and usually the evenings are okay. In our climate there aren’t that many possible days and especially not with a sub like jolien 

I am her second Dominant for she was in a D/s already for many years when she met me. Her Master now has less time for her and I fill up that gap with a second D/s. She’s proud as hell that she has two Dominants.
“Some subs have none and I have two; all because I am such a sweet girl.”
A statement she uses less nowadays for Master T and I think it’s not a nice thing for other subs to hear. Besides it sounds bragging and not sweet or humble at all, so she’s awarded points for those remarks. Since then, she doesn’t say it anymore, well at least not in our presence. 

There are times that Master T and I play with her at the same time, but normally it are just two separate D/s relationships, both Masters marking all points awarded on the new tally-stick. And – if necessary – we will have a telephone Masters-meeting. In the old days she could rely on the fact that Master T was bound to forget promised punishments. Now there is always Starmaster around who has a sharp memory.
“Well I think it was you that wanted to have two Master, girl, am I right?”
She will be silent and guilty nodding her head, all read. She knows it is better not to respond to that; she did once.

Master T is not too keen on ‘outside play’ and even during our first meet – just a coffee-date – she asked me how I felt about that. I told her that I didn’t have that much experience, but that I liked to try it.
“I like it so much but Master T never does it. But I am a chilly person; so it will have to be very warm if we do."
Every meeting we had she would bring the subject on; if I wanted to; and when and that she hoped weather would be hot soon. In June she started again.
“It was really nice weather today, 26 degrees centigrade even, but now you arrive in the evening and it’s just over 18 degrees centigrade, much too cold.”  

“I know young lady, but we can’t do it in the afternoon; too much risk children will see us. But I am getting a bit of fed up with you nagging about this all the time; so we will go and play in the Gelderse Lake District, next Saturday evening."
“Assuming the weather is okay,” she argues, “If it’s below 20 centigrade I am not going out of my clothes.”
“Now look here young lady, I say that we are going to the Lake District next Saturday evening. I keep my promises; so if it rains ……….. tough luck.”

I could hardly suppress a sadistic smile when I saw her sad face; her lower lip trembling. What I meant was that we would go there and if it would be too cold, it would be bad luck and we wouldn’t be able to play. I was quite sure she wouldn’t understand it that way. I wasn’t going to explain; let her sweat for another week; it would only add to the tension.

The moaning started on the Wednesday.
“Sir, it is raining cats and dogs all day; and it is much too cold. Couldn’t we cancel it please?”
“Well you’re the one that keeps nagging me about it and now we’ve made a deal. I will not go back on my word. When we met I have warned you to be careful with what you wish for. Now you are getting what you’ve asked for and that’s the end of it.”
“Yes Sir,” she sounded hesitating on the phone. “But I could catch a cold; you know my weight and resistance are very low and ……”
“Catching a cold is caused by a virus young lady, not from low temperature. I will not hear anymore about it, have I made myself clear. And since you’ve started it anyway I will add 25 points to the tally.”

“Twenty-five? Yeez that much. I just meant to say that .....”
“Okay,” I break in, “I make that thirty now, I have had it now.”
“Sorry Master, I will not bring it up again.”
I could hear the tears in her voice and for minutes it was quiet and there was only some mild sobbing. Just as well we had this conversation on the phone; seeing tears could make me go weak. But then again I knew there was nothing bad going to happen here. My little girl was much too precious to me.

In the car, driving to the Lake District it was hot and moist so I started the air-conditioning. I expected her to protest and I saw her begging look, but apparently she wouldn’t risk gathering more points.
“Well with this temperature we have no choice but to switch on the air-conditioning,” I teased her, “Unless you seek refreshment in another way.”
She had a big question-mark in her look, but very carefully, after a few minutes, the question came.
“How do you mean Sir …… refreshment in another way?”
“Well you could pull up your skirt; the latex is very warm and sweaty in the car.”
“Oh that’s alright Sir, I am not warm; I like this temperature.”

“I know you do, but with the air-conditioning off you will sweat under that latex skirt and I don’t like it later when I touch you and your buttocks are all sweaty and sticky. So skirt up, airco off; the choice is all yours.”
She went silent for about five minutes; her face turning red, but goose-bumps all over her body; she released a deep sigh.
“Okay Sir, I will pull up my skirt then.”
I didn’t respond or react and she looked at me, very insecure.
“But I said that I would pull it up, Sir.”

“I’ve heard you, but saying is not enough. Just do it and then I will switch the airco off.”
There is another deep sigh, she lifts herself and pulls the little latex thing up.
“Now spread those dirty legs so it can breathe and cool off a little, young lady.”
As she obeys I guide the cool blower with its freezing air right on her pussy. After a few minutes I switch the airco off. It takes a while for the air to warm up. She moves up and down in the chair to avoid the breeze. I wait a few minutes before the next question. 

“So? Not happy the cooler is off? There is nothing we need to say now?”
“Oh sorry, of course Master. Thank you for being so kind to me.”
I smile happily and gently strike her inner thighs. I check her pussy lips; they are soaking wet; sweat or something else? She seems to be very excited already. I guide the air to another spot and make her close her legs as we approach a red light. In the car next to us are children on the backseat. They notice nothing but the driver’s eyes fall out of his head. I smirk and jolien has a head like a tomato. When we drive on I make her spread the legs again of course.

I think jolien is happy we reached the parking lot; although she has no idea what will happen next. I unload the car; the big rucksack on her back while I take the small one. She will also carry the bags with the whips and I click a leash on to her collar.
“Let’s go doggy, we will go for a walk first. Stay behind me but make sure to keep up with me.”
I start walking and make sure to take big steps in a high pace and she has to run to keep up with her shorter legs. And there are the heels on the sand-path and all the stuff she has to carry.

“Yes, playing outside has his disadvantages young lady.”
She is silent and ploughs behind me.
After a while when we are deeper in the forest, I get a shield out of the rucksack and hang it around her neck. The text is on her backside and she can’t read it.
“I am slave jolien and my Master takes me into the woods to give me some pleasure. If you are over 18 feel free to come and watch from a distance.”
We don’t meet that many people; some show they disapprove others pretend they don’t see us; some look for a long time or even follow us. 

We follow a big hedge and I see about five people following us. A guy in his mid twenties with a dog; two middle-aged guys who were talking on a bench when we passed and a young couple. She is wearing a short tight skirt and a thin sweater with short sleeves and a low cut showing some breast. She didn’t have that big boobs, but it was a decent B-cup with a push-up bra that lifted them nicely. It almost seemed that the boy was forced to follow by the girl, but that’s just my dirty imagination. Then we passed by a hole in the hedge and we went trough. I took the sign from jolien’s shoulders and left it there. I took another sign which said: ‘wait here’ from the rucksack.

We were now in a nice open area with a small pool in the centre; now in summer not much more than a large rain-pool. Because of the hedge it was a nice secluded area. I walked jolien through the sand another fifteen yards to a place where there were two trees, close to one another. Well it was walking for me and dragging for jolien. Her heels sank deep into the sand. At last she arrived all covered in sand.
“You look filthy, tidy yourself up. What will the audience think?”

It is at that moment that jolien realises there are already people watching. Of course she knows this happens on these occasions, but mostly it happens during play when she’s occupied or blindfolded. Now all these people are already there, waiting and drooling, in anticipation.

She brushes the sand of with her hand and starts protesting.
“But Sir, with all these people ……. I mean how ……. I mean naked in front of all these people ……..”
I snap my fingers to show that I am in a bit of a hurry.
“Stop whining girl; you wanted to play outside; if you are going to be difficult I will note the next points. Get out of your clothes and do it nice and slowly; a nice show for the audience.”
She knows now she has no other options and starts to undress whilst sighing. I get my cane and use it on her thighs.

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